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Story: All Raspberry Pi Devices Are Immune to the Meltdown and Spectre VulnerabilitiesTotal Replies: 1
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Jan 06, 2018
2:43 AM EDT
Seems a bit of good news that the popular DIY RPi's aren't so subject to the CPU vulnerabilities. Maybe some of us should use RPi's asmuch as possible when we can, until the vendors and maintainers catch up with patches for Intel/AMD/... arches for their Linux distros?


Jan 06, 2018
9:18 AM EDT
I would love to try switching to an an ARM SBC, like the Pi. However, they still lack the horsepower and memory support I require. All of my computers currently have at least 8GB of memory with decent CPUs for crunching.

Desktop - Core i5-3470 Quad with 8GB and 1TB HD

Media - Pentium G3220 Dual with 8GB and 500GB HD

Laptop - A10-8700P Quad with 16GB and 500GB SSD

I don;t care about 4k, but I would miss the speed and memory of my x86 machines right now.

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