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Story: Why some vendors are moving away from open source database software licensingTotal Replies: 1
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Dec 05, 2019
1:51 PM EDT
This is exactly why some people just don't "get" the difference between open source and free software and understand why they are fundamentally at odds philosophically. Free software exists exactly to allow others to use the software as they see fit.

There is nothing wrong with deploying free software as a service to make money. It is explicitly part of the deal, as long as you share your changes. These DB companies sound like they fundamentally have no business model on which to survive. That's their problem, not the likes of Amazon et al

Dec 08, 2019
2:35 PM EDT
what is wrong is to make money by turning someone elses code into a service and then not allow every user access to the same code. the AGPL is supposed to fix that. i wonder if any of these databases considered that.

greetings, eMBee.

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