Snap installations and Ubuntu DDE Remix 20.04

Story: UbuntuDDE 20.04 LTS Released: Fusion Of Ubuntu Linux And Deepin DesktopTotal Replies: 0
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May 07, 2020
7:13 AM EDT
Ubuntu DDE seems to be unable automatically detect applications installed via snapd service. Due to my major concern was detecting transmission client after install $ sudo snap install transmission-daemon-simosx However, DDE at first attempt ( versus Gnome 3.3X ) was unable to help me via "transmission" keyword search to get transmission to work as temporary workaround I just did $ sudo apt install qbittorrent and solved particular problem. Looks like DDE doesn't bring any instructions how to work with Snap which works on the system at the moment quite independently from Deepin Desktop Environment. I was unable to "google" any docs related to Snap && DDE on Ubuntu DDE Remix 20.04. I cannot file any bug or question to due to officials are not responsible for DDE Remix.

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