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Apr 06, 2021
4:00 PM EST
Hi LXer,

I'm reaching out to you regarding the form for adding posts and my inability to add a post to your site. First I want to thank you for the feedback you gave me recently, informing me that the reason my posts to not be published is a missing link to the external article.

The strange thing in the whole situation is that when I try to publish a post with a link to an external resource containing in the domain part, this address is automatically deleted. This is the reason why my publications come to you with a missing link to an external article.

I'll allow myself to illustrate it with the both screenshots below.

?his is how the fields look like before pressing the "Preview" or "Add news item" button.

And here, after pressing the "Preview" button, the magic happens and the "Link to external article" just disappears.

The thing that really puzzles me is that every added URL to the "Link to external article" field with a domain part other than is accepted without any problems.

I hope that I do not violate the internal LXer rules as far as all of the materials I publish are directly related to Linux and FOSS. However, if I come into conflict with your internal rules in any way, I will be happy to make the necessary adjustments to meet expectations.

Best regards,


Apr 10, 2021
5:24 PM EST
It's not just you, bobolin.

When I tried to suggest this link:

the preview rewrote the link as:

Link to external article:


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