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Aug 20, 2021
9:19 PM EDT
When and what about Virtualbox's host for Debian 11 'bullseye', hmmm ??

And how long does Virtualbox's parent company, Oracle, plan to keep around the host versions of the increasingly antiquated Debian 9 'stretch' and even that Canonical derivative's v16.04 Xenial Xerus on which Linux Mint 18.x 'Sarah' is based on??


Aug 21, 2021
7:39 AM EDT
Early on I used Virtualbox whenever I needed a vm. I liked the ease of use, and it was fairly reliable. However, I was always concerned about the closed nature of this product.

More recently I have switched to qemu and I won't be looking back. qemu is solid, and fully open source. If you have not looked at qemu as a replacement for Virtualbox, you owe it to yourself to check it out. Just create a vm with it to get familiarity, you can't break it. If there is enough interest, I could put a short "hello qemu world" tutorial here on LXer, or you can find them online, I'm sure.

Aug 21, 2021
11:28 AM EDT
I use to use Vittualbox quite a bit. Haven't needed it for a long time. I'll have to take a look at qemu. Thanks.

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