2FA and Americans with Disabilities Act

Story: Why settle for one layer of security when you can have 2FA?Total Replies: 1
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Mar 01, 2023
11:57 AM EDT
The author of this article only discusses 2FA that requires a mobile phone.

Some of us have age related presbyopia for which the "Flyspeck 3" fonts used by mobile phones is unreadable; for us, these devices are hostile. The requirement that 2FA use mobile phones is a violation of the Americans With Disabilities Act (and constitutes unconscionable ageism, as well).

Mar 19, 2023
7:10 PM EDT
Try KeePassXC (mentioned in the article) on your favorite desktop O.S. I'm running in Mint 20.3, so it's not just for phones.

Note that it can be setup as a TOTP source. Admittedly it's less secure if you are browsing on the same device as is running the software, but at least it defends against server-side password breaches.

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