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Feb 11, 2004
12:07 PM EDT
Quote: There are two image handling features that are missing. In Galeon, from the right-click menu, you can send an image to the Gimp. Also from the right-click menu, you can open that image in a new window (or in the existing window). Both of these features are missing, and both are sorely missed.

I agree that an option to send an image directly to your favorite editor would be a great addition, but I'm very pleased with the functionality that's already there. Just wanted to point out that your second wish is already available via "View Image", which opens just the selected image in the current window and tab. (at least on the Win version, but I see it listed on your screenshot above)

Jonah Hex

Feb 12, 2004
11:27 AM EDT
Really, here's what I want:

1) View Image in a new window (I did miss the current window link, which is indeed there!)

2) Detach a tab (extension anyone? It's not in any existing ones. This is different than "Copy tab")

3) Send image to ... (gimp, ee, OpenOffice.org, etc) (Easier than dragging and dropping into an open gimp)

These 3 would be great, but the lack of them is not a deal-killer. I'm still using FireFox happily.


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