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Feb 23, 2004
4:09 PM EDT
Some missing features which made me forget Firefox for now: -TABs cannot be configured to open next to the current TAB as in Galeon.

[FOUND] -TABs cannot be dragged so one could change the order of the tabs.

[FOUND] -PopUps cannot be configured to open as TABs.

[FOUND] -There is no open/save sessions feature as in Galeon. Very usefull feature.

-Galeon uses XML for all kind of configuration: bookmarks (XBEL), sessions, ...Firefox has many different formats for different purposes. Linking and using libxml would be nice.

-No GConf support?

[FOUND] -No autoreload

-Bookmarklets didn't work (I only tried few)

[FOUND] -Ctrl+ENTER in Location or in Google-engine text field does not open URI in its own TAB but inside the current one. That is a very usefull feature with tabbed browsing in Galeon. [Alt+ENTER in FF] I didn't try all the extensions yet. Maybe some of the missing features would be there? [YES, and FOUND] I will try the tab-extensions thing.[FOUND Tabbrowser ext.s] Right now I didn't find any reasons to change from Galeon to Firefox. [FOUND :] One thing missing in both Firefox and Galeon, which would be usefull, is the possibility to forbid embedded Flash from some sites. WWW-admins have started to use Flash instead of animated GIF89a. It is annoying and one cannot stop them! Also both could have list of active TABs (with their URIs and Titles) somewhere in the main menu [FOUND]. I use to have tens of TABs in one maximized Galeon-window and sometimes finding the right TAB is not as fun as it could be. Also some method of "grouping" TABs could be usefull, by perhaps just by creating separators between some tabs: [tab1] [tab2] || [tab3] || [tab4] [tab5] [tab6] [tab7] || [tab8] .... [TAB COLOR DOES THIS]

Firefox's only one closing-X and yellow hint boxes on TABs is a good feature which is missing in Galeon.

[when edited later] [OK, so I installed and tried Tabbrowser extension and it gave most of those features which I was missing, marked as "FOUND" now later. Most of the bookmarklets worked after all, but one which I use often didnt: javascript:window.resizeTo(640,innerHeight) Usefull when page has long unrestricted wide lines. It works in Galeon even in maximized window state. Autoreloading is easier in Galeon than in FF-Tabbrowser extension.] This message was edited Feb 23, 2004 9:22 PM

Feb 24, 2004
5:45 AM EDT
big list!

what about "flash: click to view" to control flash movies embedded in pages??

it's available for firefox

Feb 24, 2004
5:47 AM EDT
How do I get that feature? Is it in a plugin?

Feb 24, 2004
8:38 AM EDT
dave: it's a plugin and it rocks.. :)

Don't forget that you can't use alt-x to switch tabs...

Feb 24, 2004
11:51 AM EDT
Whining continues .... :-) (Well, I see lots of potential in Firefox.)

What's with the "..." dots in the labels of the TABs? Totally useless, as user already knows surely it must be truncated. It wastes space for 3 more letters. The options Galeon has how to truncate the title to the TAB's title bar could be in Firefox also. At least those "..." could be optionally taken off.

And as I wrote, new TABs when opened by middle-clicking in the current TAB now opens the new TAB as the last TAB. When there is already 10-20 TABs 24/7, it is non practical. [There was an option for this in Tabbedbrowsing extension (Tabbrowser/Tabs/Advanced_tabs), which actually also worked after I removed feature-overlapping TAB extionsions: TabWarning, miniT]

With Galeon I always had "Insert new tabs after current tab". Also when grouping TABs and opening a new tab with Ctrl+T I'd like it to be right next to the current one. I haven't yet quite understood how the TABs-grouping thing works. [This also has cleared up. Removing overlapping extensions helped. Overlapping extensions can cause strange behaviour in the future also, so Firefox-team may have to handle the issue somehow.]

There seems not to be --new-tab option in Firefox's command parameters. Once again useful feature in Galeon to have "galeon --new-tab %s" in Start(Alt+F1) | Preferences | Preferred_Applications. I made /usr/local/bin/firefox_--new-tab (sh-script) for now. (Having "-remote openURL(%s, new-tab)" straight there in the preferences didn't work, but it works in the sh-script which is then called from GNOME.)

[text in square brackets was added later] [Growing to like Firefox now, but still missing some features from Galeon concerning TABbed browsing, like different colors of TAB-titles whether the TAB is still transfering or has/hasn't been active (the toppest) ever after the latest rendering. And those ways how to truncate the TAB's title in Galeon.]

[URI about:plugins works but is not in the Tools-menu, nor (did I) found it in extensions.]

[Tab sessions doesn't seem to work beyond browser quit+start cycle. Haven't figured out why. Neither works "Flash click to view" extension yet in any pages which have embedded flash and which I've tried.]

This message was edited Feb 29, 2004 6:55 AM

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