I Like Gentoo, but compile some more first.

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Mar 23, 2004
6:45 AM EDT
You say you dispell gentoo myths. You have compiled no X windows, no gnome, nothing. You dont have a desktop system, you have a server plain console. Your system specs are not the average users computer, your pretty much top of the line. I have a slower I/O, less ram, a more down to earth 32-bit proc. I'm the one that feels the painful gentoo installs. I'm not bashing gentoo in anyway, its a great distro. If you install binary-only though go with red-hat because its more rounded, if you want to compile and get every last ounch of performance out of the distro gentoo is the way to go. That being said compile X-Windows and Gnome and that is the painful gentoo installation. On the bright side after you compile gnome you compile almost any library you would ever dream of needing for any applications.

Mar 24, 2004
4:43 PM EDT
I have an AthonXP 2000+ and compile times in bootstrap and so on don't differ so much from his. Say maybe 10 minutes here 20 minutes there, but then again, from that to the 3 days some claim... On the other hand, you don't _need_ to compile all from source. Just get your average GRP set and you're set to go, I actually don't build it all, as performance isn't all that different, what's important are USE flags. If a package takes no advantage of USE flags, what's the point building it when you can fetch it already compiled for your arch with suitable CFLAGS? Even, Gnome doesn't take that long to compile, not as long as KDE at least. And if you're not happy with compiling that, then fetch the binary somewhere, you've got LiveCD's, online GRP, or even the chinstrap project... Last time I built XFree was when I did a emerge -U world and XFree was in the list, but since I do it when I go to sleep it's painless. I just have about once every 3 weeks when cron checks for updates and emerges them at about 02:00 a.m, when I'm most probably asleep. With Gentoo, as it is also with Debian, once you have you system set and ready, mantainance is really painless. Maybe a compile here and there, but Gnome doesn't come out with releases ever week, does it? Neither does KDE. Maybe kernel updates will be what you upgrade mostly, because GCC, coreutils, glibc, and so on, aren't updated so often. And Gentoo is so scalable...

Apr 15, 2004
4:18 AM EDT
What pain? On my Little 1.2 Duron I compile X, Gnome, Mozilla etc either entirely while sleeping, or at work. Within a few hours. When I use distcc that gets even shorter. Gentoo makes the best desktop. It is stable. I have no problems listening to mp3s, watching and recording dvds, running mythtv, playing games, using openoffice etc. Everything simply works.

Apr 24, 2004
8:31 PM EDT
I have an 800mhz duron with 512MB ram at work and can compile things even while working. I have the 2.6 kernel and I just run "nice --adjustment=10" so that I can work & compile at the same time.

Mar 24, 2005
12:46 AM EDT
If you don't want to compile, look at the Genux project (=pre-compiled Gentoo): Genux.org (developing).

It's a shame it costs money though.

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