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Mar 23, 2004
7:48 PM EDT
Hey Guys,

Gentoo is by far the best distro in terms of performance. NO doubt about it. But the place where i stay internet BW is not easily available. For enjoying Gentoo a broadband connectivity is a must. And in India its very scarce. Only corporates can afford it. I had to install Gentoo using the Live CD and the stage3 install. But i needed a lot of other pkgs which i couldnt get hold of because of bad internet connectivity. If Gentoo Guys can probably have a stage3 CD-2 and CD-3 isoimages for download would be very helpful for people like me.

Regards, Visu.

Mar 30, 2004
10:21 AM EDT
Actually, you can get the packages cd and use that in liu of an internet connection to an rsync mirror. At least that was my understanding of it. Poke around the gentoo mirrors for it, and if you can't find it then post to the gentoo forums.

Mar 24, 2005
1:08 AM EDT
TheLinuxGuy: hope this could help you:

I have a download-limit of 250M/ month, so I can't donwload too much too. (using Gentoo too). I live in the Netherlands.

So I decided to buy a Gentoo-dvd, +cd. The cd contains install stuff, the dvd almost all distfiles, well, at least 4.4Gb of it. I even heared all the distfiles (except games) + install, can be bought on 2dvd's, one of them is bootable and installs Gentoo. It's a pity I can't tell where to buy it.

Anyway, if you really like an install CD + distfiles DVD, look at Maybe you can find it somewhere. I checked and the distfiles DVD aren't sold in many stores. If you really want it, ask me, then I'll ask if the Dutch store also could ship their DVD's to India. Moreover, that store also handles 'requests', so I could try to request all the distfiles on DVD's. But it could cost some money.

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