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Mar 27, 2004
9:33 PM EDT
The whole document is filled with typical FUD from "the Borg" up in Redmond.

Response to first question: First Microsoft claims that "license costs make a small portion of TCO". LMAO. License costs is the significant portion hence why many folks is seeking alternatives. M$ claims that "OO doesn't support Office macros". Well how can it when M$ goes out of their way to make their products inoperable with other office suites. Then they claim people will need to be "retrained". LMAO like people were trained to use M$ Office.

Response to Second question: "I only need basic features. OpenOffice is good enough". Ok. But once again here comes M$ trying to tell the user that they don't need basic functionality, Oh! They want you to purchase an M$ Office license so you can get features that protect you from virus attacks! Is this the same macro viruses that have ravaged M$ Office before? Maybe its a good thing OO doesn't support Office macros! This is funny, M$ telling users that they need a bunch of crap that they most likely have no need of using hence why the user say "OpenOffice is good enough"!.

Response to third question: M$ claims if bugs go unresolved the user has to go scour chats rooms, forums, etc. Hmmm this is similiar to with many products out there. I am sure that M$ doesn't have the answer to everything and they certainly should not be pointing out about "bugs go unresolved"! LMAO M$ should know better!

Response to fourth question: "OO offers limited compatibility with Office." Well geez! I wonder why?!? Maybe its because you folks up at Redmond made Office in such a way that alternative office suites would have "limited compatibility" with Office.

Aye reading all that FUD nonsense hurts my head.

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