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Mar 31, 2004
5:27 AM EDT
After the antitrust trial in the US it was obvious the DOJ want MS to continue just the way it does. The government felt it was better for the economy if one company monopolised computers. Here's why. As long as the monopolising company is American then when that company monopolises computers the world over, American economy monopolises the world over. In short they are happy to let MS monopolise in the US because that helps them monopolise the rest of the world.

Apr 05, 2004
12:51 AM EDT
sad but true

there's enough wealth and brains in the rest of the world for everyone to stand up and say "thanks, but we've had enough now" the worst of it is the way people are programmed to believe there is no other way but total american dominance

(not a condemmnation of americans per se, just a condemnation of american foreign and business policy)

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