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Apr 02, 2004
10:34 AM EDT
Since I discovered Mandrake I have used Windows less and less. This evening, having spent the last 2 weeks with Mandrake 10, I removed Windows altogether.

What else is there to say on the subject?


Apr 02, 2004
10:44 AM EDT
can I give the brother an "Amen!"

...we should call this special moment the Linux epiphany or coming of age in the Linux world.

Apr 02, 2004
4:33 PM EDT
I, too, just flushed Windows, but not with Mandrake. Have used MDK, off and on, since version 6.2. Since 8.x attempting to update or add a package has failed 10 times out of 12 due to bad links in urpmi, mirrors that have bad files. Even if it works it is just plain clumsy.

Went with Arch Linux about a month ago. Install is not a piece of cake, but the stability, updating, enhancing is worth every effort. It's all 686 and my system is just as current as the latest release. Absolutely no problem with upgrading.

Worth a look at

Bill Barnes

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