common enemy, wtf?

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Apr 02, 2004
8:09 PM EDT
Linux is the common enemy of Microsoft and Sun? This make no sense. How can Sun endorse Linux and have it as an enemy at the same time? Either this is the typical erratic behavior we are seeing a lot lately in Sun or this article is complete crap. Sun may find it hard to accept that JDS powered by Linux is overtaking Solaris, but it certainly isn't an enemy of Sun.

And since when is Linux and enemy? Linux is free and open...if that is how you define an enemy, then I am scared to think of what you call people that actually do warrant such discreditable titles.

Apr 03, 2004
4:19 AM EDT
Sun is seeing direct compition from Linux, so in a sense an enemy. Sun will get what is coming to them. [url= will set&type=article&order=&hideanonymous=0&pid=0#c110839][/url]

The enemy of Freedom is closed minds, Microsoft and Sun both use closed minds of their followers in order to achieve their wealth. Apple uses the same with open minds, and Linux opens those minds to the possiblities.

This is both bad and good, Longhorn might now get rewritten in solaris, with the looking glass desktop???(completely conjuceture)

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