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Story: Using Linux Software in Defense Systems Violates Every Principle of Security Says Green Hills Software's CEO and FounderTotal Replies: 3
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Apr 08, 2004
2:39 PM EDT
Hi Anyone know the voting rules?

Am I voting for the story or if I think the story was worthy of being included in LXer.

Example This story in interesting although the author is clearly having an agenda and as such I would vote for it to be included. Other stories like the diatribe by Endele in eWeek are so predictable and silly that they no longer need to be included on LXer.

Apr 09, 2004
1:53 PM EDT
I had the same thought.. What if you think the article is complete B.S, but worthy of reading since it's something you think ppl should be aware of...

Apr 09, 2004
2:44 PM EDT
Whether you agree with points of the article or not:

If you think it's worth reading (as I did, when I posted it) then vote Yes.

If you think it was a waste of time, then vote No.


Apr 13, 2004
6:06 AM EDT
one point to be aware of on enderle.he is being read on major news sites and we need to respond to the diatribes he posts to them.if you ignore him he gets his side told without an opposing viewpoint never being raised so he is then accepted as fact.some can be ignored but enderle is not one that i recommend being ignored.responding with rants to him does not help tho.enderle never supports his opinion with facts ,it is always as he believes or something similar.he can make you mad tho because of this so maintaining calm is very hard to do .sigh br3n

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