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Apr 16, 2004
8:33 AM EDT
no Linux link on the corel homepage little in the way of mentions of Linux on the whole corel site

a google search reveals that it's for sale on eBay in the Corel section but is "out of stock"

how very brave of them

how do they hope to get interest in it going if there's no downloadable demo and no mention of it on corel.com?

or am I being too cynical?

Apr 16, 2004
8:35 AM EDT
I'm not very excited about Corel's re-entry into the Linux world. It looks to me that they are doing the same thing that they did last time... Who can forget Corel from 1999?


Apr 16, 2004
9:50 AM EDT
before my time with Linux, so I don't understand the reference...


Apr 16, 2004
9:53 AM EDT
Corel made a huge splash in the Linux community around 1999, when they announced that they were shifted their entire company's strategies to Linux. This was at a time when Red Hat's IPO skyrocketed and around the same time that VA was getting ready for their historic IPO.

But, when the Linux market, along with the rest of tech, started to sour, Corel dropped Linux like a hot potato. They have a history of chasing after strategies that look pleasing to investors.


Apr 17, 2004
10:31 AM EDT
It was inner power struggle. They booted Michael Cowpland from CEO position (he is Corel founder) and got 100 Million bucks from Microsoft. Result you know.

Just to let you know that Mike Cowpland was visionary at that time and wanted to compete with Microsoft. His weapon was Linux on desktop.

Now Xandros has acquired Corel Linux base and employees and they have second version out.

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