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Story: Green Hills Software Issues White Paper: ``Linux Security: Unfit for Retrofit''Total Replies: 0
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May 03, 2004
3:10 PM EDT
Don't even bother RTFA for this one as it just more ranting and FUD spreading by this fool. Its obvious as pointed out before that:

1. O'Dowd fears Linux 2. O'Dowd is trying to push(sell$$$$) Green Hills Software's RTOS as an alternative or the right tool for the job 3. O'Dowd has not discussed if the same security issues & flaws that he is accusing Linux and FOSS of having affect his products. 4. O'Dowd belives heavily in security through obscurity 5. O'Dowd is a FUD troll

He is either very ignorant of how Linux works or is just trying to stifle the competition.

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