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May 04, 2004
9:39 AM EDT
I think maybe a new sort of LUG should be started. NLUGS "New Linux Users Group". Some people are great with newbies, patient and good at explaining while others are hopeless, impatient and elitist. Speaking as a someone who's tried to find people who are patient and helpful, it's not that easy. A lot of LUGS are populated by technicians, professors, programmers and the like and the level of conversation is terrifying. I even heard a LUG member once say "if you're new to Linux please don't join a LUG because you'll get in the way and won't understand anything." Pretty bad attitude really, if understandable. Whilst the LUG may have been the domain of the gifted and talented this has to change if Linux is going to take off. Which leads me to think a "second tier" needs establishing. Groups for new users, where there are a few people with the necessary expertise AND social/teaching skills to get people started. If "we" are serious about getting Linux "out to the masses" there HAS to be accessible entrances with friendly welcomers.


May 12, 2004
8:16 PM EDT
Well, it sounds good, but we need someone/group to do it. Our site is just getting going, but we want to try to help Newbies - N00bys, etc. use linux. Linux needs plain-spoken representatives who can do what the Windows community is missing.... be there for the user, no matter the skill level.

Please note these are my comments and not those of our LUG. Visit our site at to see what I'm talking about. Again, please remember we're trying to do our part in some small way. Maybe we could scour the net for LUGs or Wikis for helping the Newbie?

May 12, 2004
9:18 PM EDT
Shame you're on a different continent to me.

I've only been using Linux for 18 months or so as a home user and thus far have found a lot of fellow users to be so far above me in terms of knowledge that it can be intimidating at times. I've just put an advert together to put up in local shop windows to see if there is any/enough interest locally in getting a LUG togther for new users.

Hope your own efforts in this area work out.

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