The guy that wrote this piece is on crack

Story: Opinion : Linux In 2004 - Usability Needs A FaceliftTotal Replies: 1
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Jun 03, 2004
10:25 PM EDT
What happens if you forget to pay your Internet bill? RPMs with all of their dependencies included? Seems to me like the guy just wanted to get something published. Boo to this article! Boo!

Jun 04, 2004
10:32 PM EDT
Yeah, it's pretty horrible. Problem is, they pretty much let anyone have a piece on This kid can't write worth a damn. He's really quite clueless. He uses Fedora and SuSE, yet complains about apt-get not working to his expectation. 20-30 minutes of research on Google to find a program? WTH is he talking about? Then after talking about having to find something on the 'net, he later says he wants a 1 CD distribution- make up your mind! As if there aren't any anyway. What a pinhead. And the editor is totally AWOL- notice author's spelling of 'abosolutely'. My word for this mess is 'abysmal' or 'waste'.

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