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Jun 14, 2004
12:00 PM EDT
"Microsoft should just let its products speak for themselves."

Uh, sure, Mr. Claybrook. You mean like this?

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"My suggestion to Microsoft is to begin including some open source software in its software stack in order to take advantage of the economics of open source."

Just here does the author propose Microsoft should include open source software in its offerings?

MySQL? Nah, that would undermine the upcoming fusion of NTFS and Excel in Longhorn.

Apache? That would undermine IIS.

Java, Eclipse, SunOne? Don't feed the puppy. It may one day grow up.

Mozilla? Netscape is dead, why resurrect it?

OpenOffice? Forget it, bub.

Linux? Yeah, That'll happen when 2+2 equals 17.

From MS's point of view, open source addresses no need they have. The "economics of open source" does nothing but weaken the power of the vendor. And as every convicted monopolist knows, it it better to have a poor revenue stream from a captive customer than a healthy revenue stream from one who can switch away.

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