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Jun 19, 2004
2:06 PM EDT
I don't get it, what did I miss here? I did read the whole thing, in fact I read it twice. I just couldn't figure out what the point of the article was. Don't get me wrong, I'm not necessarily knocking the article, although I "think" there might be a reason to. I just didn't get it.

Are they trying to say that PCs have way more power than they used to and we aren't even coming close to harnessing it? Are they saying that Microsoft's new OS is going to solve that problem (heh heh, yeah they are good at taking really fast computers and slowing them down)? Are they saying that Google should have their own OS that people run on their PCs? Maybe they are saying that we should all give up our personal data to Google's spiders? Sorry if I need to make a call to Mr. Obvious.

Jun 19, 2004
6:40 PM EDT
Yes, I think you have the gist of the article:

"On the Google PC, you wouldn’t need third-party add-ons to index and search your local files, e-mail, and instant messages. It would just happen." I love integrated OS's. Who needs choice? Who needs third-party software? We should get all our software needs from one powerful company.

"Longhorn also aims to create a new breed of applications that will produce and consume systemwide metadata. I applaud the goals" Absolutely right. Fast, efficient software has no place in today's world of high-speed computers. Bloatware all the way! *loads up KDE*

Jun 19, 2004
6:45 PM EDT
I guess what the article is trying to say is that if Google were in charge of your PC the data residing and accessed by that PC would be much better utilized. The blurb about processing power is just to elucidate the uninformed reader that there is no hardware constrains preventing a much better utilization, only current uninspired SW / OS.

The article is not so good but the idea / thinking behind it is OK.

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