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Ten Years After Part III - A Storied Conclusion

As promised in the first part of this "Ten Years After" series, I've went over all of the questionnaires and emails and there are only three real "issues" these kids could find to mention, and I mean mentioned in force. Don't get me wrong, there were a lot of different types of complaints, but they were, to be honest, nit-picky at best. I don't think anyone will find any surprises here. So here they are.

It was only a matter of time....

I'm not afraid to admit it. When I first started getting flooded with these advertisements, it hacked me off. It was an advertisement for a "revolutionary new product" that will change the way you use your computer. Anyone wanna take a guess as to what this "revolutionary new product might be"?

Ten Years After - Opening Worlds

There are still people in the technology field today that consider Linux a "hobbiest" toy. Can a serious student get through 6 years of college with just Linux? Some can, and some cannot. We'll take a look at the latter here.

Ten Years After

When I first gathered the initial volunteers for HeliOS, there were many people, even some who have read this blog for years; that questioned the decision to put Linux on every computer that left our shop. I mean, let's face it. It's a Windows World out there. Business, for the most part, use Windows almost exclusively. Or at least they did when this was getting started. Some said that we'd be wasting our resources by putting a little-known and difficult operating system on our machines

True Believer

The calendar page had recently flipped to the new century when I had my own Road To Damascus moment. It was, in the truest sense of the phrase, a profound revelation. It built up in me like an electrical charge. A moment I realized that the monitor in front of me reflected something that was going to not only change my life, but had the potential to change lives of millions.

What The Future Holds? You Are More A Part of it Than You Know.

But through it all, what I want you to know is that these kids, getting their first computer will have a new world opened to them. A world without restrictions, A world you built for them.

A Freedom Perspective. Let's Catch Up

Freedom can have different meanings for different people at different times. Sometimes, it's the smallest freedoms that make the biggest difference.

This Holiday Season, Don't Recycle...Reglue.

The past 19 months have been brutal for us, equipment-wise. Between 2 floods-of-the-century less than a year apart, and an unprecedented demand for computers, our inventory has dipped lower than it has ever been. For the first time in our history, we are out of machines while 17 Taylor Texas kids are still in need of computers. It's not your money we need.....

Of Life, Linux and Karma Angels

A selfless act and a new Linux computer set some truly amazing life-changing wheels into motion. Fact is, something happened to Diane and me 2 months ago that can be described as no less than an "Oprah Moment"...a number of circumstances that accumulated into nothing less than a True Magic Moment. Stick around...Linux is a part of this.

It will not always be summer;build barns - Hesiod

Instead of seeing kids running through sprinklers in their front yards, you saw those same kids, along with their parents and family, digging through tons of snake, spider and disease-infested debris...trying to salvage anything from their destroyed lives. Highly venomous and aggressive water moccasins were a constant threat during flood clean up and recovery all over Central Texas.

When a Community Bands Together

Jason has a career in movies, television and the gaming industry, supplying voice talent for those mediums. Although Jason has a successful career in Hollywood, his true passion is using perfectly good computer components and combining those parts with his environmentally-friendly plastic cases and the Ubuntu operating system in order to produce an amazingly functional computer.

Ricky's Flower

As I turned back to them before closing the door behind me, mother and child were weeping and embracing the blue flower on the computer screen. It was all I could do not to join them.?

When "Free" Can Suck

"I'm sorry there kiddo. You can't watch a lot of videos or use your school's website because they depends on Flash. I'm also sorry that you can't play on or use some of your apps. Java doesn't work on your computer. But hey...ain't using Linux great anyway? Make sure to tell all your friends how great Linux is."

Google's act of stripping Java support from Chrome severely cripples that browser. What they intend to replace it with still remains to be seen. Is Chrome following Apples lead in refusing to include Flash? At first blush, it would certainly seem so.

12 Geeks of Christmas Outreach Is A Success

Just a while back, we announced that I had an unusually good idea. I mean given the fact that most of my ideas can cause spontaneous fires and strange weather patterns it was good. So when I get a good idea, it's refreshing when no one reports any serious injuries.

Be One of Reglue's 12 Geeks of Christmas

  •; By helios (Posted by helios on Nov 19, 2013 2:56 PM EDT)
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As we enter into the holiday season, we at Reglue would like to start a tradition. Regardless of your preferred participation of the upcoming holiday season, we want to extend to you a chance to make a local child's life a bit brighter.

Where Dogma Ends and Friendships Flourish.....

  •; By helios (Posted by helios on Oct 10, 2013 8:39 PM EDT)
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Since 2004, I've been known first as a Linux Advocate. Everything I do on a professional and sometimes personal level, substantiates that fact. There are some that consider their friend going to work for Microsoft akin to your brother joining the Confederacy while you and your other brothers are in the Union camp.

See...that's where personal and political dogma gets questionable.

New User Barrier To Linux - I Think I found The Problem

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In the realm of Open Source software development the adage "good enough" is often interpreted as this software is good enough for general use. It should read "good enough for me", speaking only from the software author's perspective. Here's what I mean.

HostGator, I found your problem in employee turnover.....

  •; By helios (Posted by helios on Aug 22, 2013 1:17 PM EDT)
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Employee turnover seems to be a big problem, at least at the Austin location(s). A good friend who works the swing shift for call center server support told me bluntly:

"It's like the D-Day landing at Normandy. People are dropping all around me, but I keep pushing on."

No Google, I Will Not Be Renewing My Drive Subscription...Here's Why.

  •; By helios (Posted by helios on Aug 14, 2013 2:55 PM EDT)
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In April of 2012, in the product forum for Google, Julio G. Alvarez pretty much told the Linux community to chill. A native Linux client for Google drive was forthcoming. You can read the specifics here along with a new petition to get them off their backsides.

16 months later, we are still without a native Drive client for Linux. They aren't even bothering to send someone from out behind the curtain to talk to us. Their position seems to be "let them eat Insync cake". Which pretty much sucks from any seat in the house since The Dynamic Duo of Advertising had their road to riches paved by Linux.

By the way was us that bought you those Gulfstream G5's. You don't seem to be able to remember that.

Your Computer Junk is gold is Gold to Reglue

  •; By helios (Posted by helios on Aug 1, 2013 10:12 AM EDT)
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We recently started a fund drive for our effort, But in times when many people are finding it harder and harder for their dollars to stretch, Reglue has found a new revenue source, and it's one most anyone who works in computer tech can assist.

For cheap.

You can fund a kid's tech non profit with your computer junk.

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