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John Lewis migrates core business system to Linux

  • (Posted by dave on Apr 12, 2004 10:28 PM EDT)
  • Story Type: News Story
John Lewis has become one of the first UK blue-chip organisations to deploy Linux on a strategic business application.

The book 'Rapid Application Development with Mozilla' Available for Free Download

  • mozillaZine; By Wily Yuen (Posted by dave on Apr 12, 2004 9:07 PM EDT)
  • Story Type: News Story; Groups: Mozilla
Nigel McFarlane's Rapid Application Development with Mozilla is now available as a PDF download from Bruce Perens' Open Source series at InformIT. Please support the author and buy the book if you find it to be useful.

Report: Novell Eyes YaST Solutions of Various Stripes

  • LinuxPlanet; By Jacqueline Emigh (Posted by dave on Apr 12, 2004 7:35 PM EDT)
  • Story Type: News Story; Groups: Novell
In releasing YaST (Yet Another Setup Tool) to open source, Novell has thrown down the welcome mat to management solutions aimed at homes and small businesses as well as enterprises, according to Novell officials.

Registration Opens for the 2004 O'Reilly Open Source Convention

  • Corporate Media News (Posted by dave on Apr 12, 2004 7:34 PM EDT)
  • Story Type: News Story
O'Reilly & Associates founder Tim O'Reilly is fond of quoting an Athenian in ancient Greece who said, "The difference between a man and a sheep is that the sheep just bleats, but a man keeps saying the same thing in different ways until he gets what he wants." O'Reilly takes the Athenian's tack, declaring, "There are many things that I want to have happen in this world. I keep talking about them and bit by bit, some of them are coming true."

A Date with Red Hat Fedora Core 1 : Review

  • Technology Articles; By HumanX (Posted by dave on Apr 12, 2004 7:20 PM EDT)
  • Story Type: News Story; Groups: Fedora, Red Hat
This review is a brief overview and first look of Red Hat's Fedora Linux. Never doubt Red Hat to produce a top quality Linux distribution. Since Red Hat is moving more towards the enterprise and away from the home, they have released Fedora which is the proving ground for Red Hat Linux Enterprise. Basically, all things that could be enterprise start in Fedora. Fedora is a non profit, unsupported OS with the backing of Red Hat.

Conectiva alert: mod_python

  • Mailing list; By Conectiva Updates <> (Posted by dave on Apr 12, 2004 5:21 PM EDT)
  • Story Type: Security; Groups: Conectiva
This update fixes a remote denial of service vulnerabiliy[1] in Apache web-servers which have mod_python enabled (this is not the default in Conectiva Linux). An attacker can crash an apache child process by sending a specially crafted message that triggers the bug in mod_python.

Conectiva alert: squid

  • Mailing list; By Conectiva Updates <> (Posted by dave on Apr 12, 2004 5:07 PM EDT)
  • Story Type: Security; Groups: Conectiva
The Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures project ( has assigned the name CAN-2004-0189 to this issue[2].

Celf Linux source tree gains new mobile phone, telematics chips

Lineo Solutions has contributed two more embedded Linux kernel ports to the CE Linux Forum (CELF) source tree. The ports support mobile phone and automotive telematics chips from Hitachi spinoff Renesas. They include power management, real-time, and other performance optimizations for consumer electronic devices.

Can MySQL succeed in Canada?

  •; By Fawzia Sheikh (Posted by dave on Apr 12, 2004 5:01 PM EDT)
  • Story Type: News Story; Groups: MySQL
The open source database from Sweden has quickly risen to the forefront as a potential player. The company has accrued some customers here and will announce enterprise offerings this week, but is it enough? IDC Canada runs the numbers while Microsoft assesses its competition

Grid-Savvy MySQL Aims for the Enterprise

  • eWeek; By Brian Fonseca (Posted by dave on Apr 12, 2004 4:55 PM EDT)
  • Story Type: News Story; Groups: MySQL
This week at its MySQL Users Conference in Orlando, Fla., MySQL will launch MySQL Cluster. The main-memory database technology supports high-volume distributed enterprise applications, and it provides automatic failover and data replication across multiple nodes, according to MySQL officials.

Gentoo Weekly Newsletter - Volume 3, Issue 15

  • Mailing list; By Yuji Kosugi <> (Posted by dave on Apr 12, 2004 4:55 PM EDT)
  • Story Type: Newsletter; Groups: Gentoo
Recently we've been receiving emails from users about missing sections and content in the newsletter. We've had some contributors leave the team, and others have been unable to participate due to personal issues, but once we start adding some new contributors to the team and reorganizing, we should be right back on track. Those who responded to the recruitment drive last week, please hold on as we determine what positions we need filled and begin responding to applicants. Thanks to all our readers for reading the newsletter each week; we'll bring back all our regular content as quickly as possible.

Proving Linux in the Enterprise

  • E-Commerce Times; By Debra Anderson (Posted by dave on Apr 12, 2004 1:48 PM EDT)
  • Groups: Novell; Story Type: News Story
Proactive planning is the antidote to fear and resistance. Novell began its migration plan by documenting critical business processes, categorizing users, identifying "must have" applications and choosing the best opportunities for early success.

Microsoft Open-Sources WiX, Takes Industry By Surprise

Last week one of LinuxWorld's sister sites reported on WiX. Now the wider technology community has begun to comment on the surprise move by Microsoft to open-source some of its technology for a change. Microsoft may not be about to make the source code for Windows or any other major program available under an open-source license, but it was still a nice change and has been welcomed.

Local [New Zealand] Linux site rates hardware compatibility

  • Computerworld New Zealand; By Matthew Cooney (Posted by dave on Apr 12, 2004 10:46 AM EDT)
  • Story Type: News Story
A local Linux enthusiast has set up a website for New Zealand Linux users to swap information about compatible and incompatible hardware.

Welcome to Linux, 2004

  • Linux Journal; By Don Marti (Posted by dave on Apr 12, 2004 9:34 AM EDT)
  • Story Type: News Story
Don Marti responds to a new user's inquiry on a local mailing list.

Preconceived Usage Patterns Hamper the Wider Adoptation of Linux

In many ways Linux can be so much more graceful than Windows. The KDE project and the commercial desktops based on Gnome (Ximian, Sun JDS etc.) demonstrate this. And for daily use, I enjoy KDE more than I enjoy XP, period. It makes more sense to me. But the initial configuration and the gotchas that I have outlined above will continue to stunt the growth of large scale adoption. It's not that the learning curve is too high, it's that this entire generation of computer users has learned how to use computers the Microsoft way. Flaws and all. And unlearning all of that baggage is the biggest factor in "figuring Linux out."

IOMEGA Corporation and Microlite Revolutionize Linux Backup and Disaster Recovery

  • Press release (Posted by dave on Apr 12, 2004 9:18 AM EDT)
  • Story Type: Press Release
Microlite Corporation is pleased to announce immediate support for the new Iomega REV drive for use as a backup and disaster recovery storage device under the Linux operating environment.

ABC restricts open source option

  • Australian IT; By Kelly Mills (Posted by dave on Apr 12, 2004 8:39 AM EDT)
  • Story Type: News Story
THE ABC's New Media and Digital Services wants a new Content Management System, but has placed strict rules on parties wishing to win the contract with an open source program. In calling for expressions of interest, it says "submissions from consultants aggregating third-party software, including open-source software will not be considered".

BitTorrent Lowers Lindows Costs

  • eWEEK Linux; By Jason Brooks (Posted by dave on Apr 12, 2004 7:58 AM EDT)
  • Story Type: News Story; Groups: Linspire
Downloading Lindows 4.5 via P2P file-sharing application BitTorrent cuts the cost in half.

More Debate on PEAR

  • SitePoint; By Harry Fuecks (Posted by dave on Apr 12, 2004 7:47 AM EDT)
  • Story Type: News Story; Groups: PHP
Via Tobias Schlitt, Alexey Borzov kicked off a huge debate on PEAR quality and standards, part inspired by another discussion that raises a number of very valid issues related to PEAR (Sitepoint Forums regulars will spot a familiar name or two).

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