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MEPIS may be going Ubuntu

MEPIS, one of the more popular Debian-derived distributions, may be moving in a new direction soon. MEPIS founder Warren Woodford is considering building future MEPIS releases from Ubuntu sources rather than from Debian.

Open-Source Advocates Ask for Patience in GPL 3 Debate

News Analysis: Open-source advocates are calling for patience and calm in the often-heated debate about many of the provisions in the first discussion draft of the GNU General Public License version 3.

Health, nutrition, and diet apps for Linux

If your goal is to get fit or stay fit in 2006, here are several diet and nutrition applications for Linux that will help you keep your resolutions all year long.

MP3tunes' Locker sounds good

So you've ripped all your CDs on your hard disk, and you now have gigabytes of MP3 songs that you have no idea how to back up in case of disaster. Wouldn't it be nice to have something offsite, easy to use, and not that expensive? Enter MP3tunes' Locker service, a clever way to backup and synchronize your music files.

Report: IBM Rolls Out Blades for Virtual Desktops, Hollywood Movies

IBM and some of its customers are starting to test new "virtual desktop" solutions running atop Linux-, Unix-, and Windows-based blade servers, including three souped-up systems rolled out at an event in New York City this week. Meanwhile, all IBM blade servers, old and new, are now being outfitted with new Linux-enabled management controllers, regardless of which OS the servers running. Jacqueline Emigh reports.

Powerful Remote X Displays with FreeNX

Imagine X server technology with compression so tight that GNOME and KDE sessions yield impressive response times when run over modems with SSH encryption. Don't pinch yourself; you're not dreaming! Tom Adelstein explains how FreeNX is the cure-all to many of X11's ills in this excerpt from Running Linux.

Sun butts against IBM in integration

Sun Microsystems is today expected to make the first fruits of its SeeBeyond Technologies acquisition available with software targeting IBM. Sun is launching four separate modules as part of the new Java Composite Application Suite (Java CAPS), serving web, application and enterprise integration. Java CAPS updates the former SeeBeyond's Integrated Composite Application Network (ICAN) Suite.

Restore compromised systems with diagnostics LiveCDs

  • IBM developerWorks; By Mayank Sharma (Posted by linuxlala on Feb 9, 2006 3:26 PM EDT)
Want to assess your Linux® system's integrity and recover lost data without lengthy installation and configuration efforts? Get to know two packages -- Helix and Plan-B -- that bring you that ability through the magic of LiveCD.

A Word-Wise Firefox Extension

The Hyperwords Company has just launched a free add-on to the Firefox browser that brings hyperlinks (define) to any word on the Web.

"This isn't just limited to word definitions," Hyperwords CEO Frode Hegland told "We let you interact with words in any number of ways. The user decides."

With Hyperwords loaded, you simply highlight any word by double-clicking and nine different options appear: Search, Reference, Map, Shop, Copy, Email, Tag, Blog, and Translate. Hyperwords is a free download at the company's Web site.

Outdoor WiFi router runs x86 Debian Linux

German networking equipment integrator Saxonia is shipping an x86-based outdoor WiFi router that runs Debian Sarge. The Meshnode router boots a 2.6.15 Linux kernel from CompactFlash, and offers lots of room to install most any normal x86 Debian package, the company says.

War Installing GNU/Linux or The Any Box: Do We Share The Hardware or Raise a Bridge?

While we're waiting for the tier one hardware OEM's to face down Microsoft, perhaps the GNU/Linux community's appropriate course of action should be to do what we should have done long ago. That is, to create a Linux-specific hardware vendor (or vendors) of our own.

Two ways Microsoft sabotages Linux desktop adoption

MP helped a business move from Windows NT4 to Red Hat Enterprise Linux four years ago. Since then, the business has trebled in size, in revenues, facilities, data, transactions and users.

"This has been an unqualified success," said Holt. "The Linux server has not flinched." The business' management has been delighted with the cost-performance gains.

The server migration was transparent to users, an important point to remember as the plot thickens.

Why Not Python?, Part 3

  • Linux Journal; By Collin Park (Posted by dcparris on Feb 9, 2006 12:17 PM EDT)
  • Story Type: Tutorial
Now it's time for this new Python user to do the hard work--code the program to fill in the blanks of Sudoku puzzles.

aKademy-es 2006 in Barcelona

Did you think that this year we would not have a KDE event in Spain? Nothing further from reality. Badopi (the LUG of Barcelona) are organising the first aKademy-es event so you can have an excuse to meet other Spanish KDE developers, users, translators, artists and share some good days with other KDE people.

New Ukrainian-language open source news site

The Ukrainian-language open source community got a new site, which will light various events from the open source world by their mother tongue. There is this site to address

A collection of books, howtos and documentation on GNU/Linux for offline use

Here is an excellent collection of books, How-Tos and docs on GNU/Linux which you can download and read offline.

Trolltech, Teleca partner on Linux phone stack

  • (Posted by dcparris on Feb 9, 2006 10:29 AM EDT)
  • Story Type: News Story
Trolltech has partnered with mobile phone application vendor Teleca. The two companies will jointly create and market a mobile phone software reference design based on Trolltech's Qtopia graphics framework and Teleca's Obigo applications suite, which includes products for browsing, messaging, content management, media playback, and DRM (digital rights management).

Rock your desktop with entertainment LiveCDs

  • IBM developerWorks; By Mayank Sharma (Posted by linuxlala on Feb 9, 2006 9:32 AM EDT)
Listen to music and watch DVDs on your Linux® system without lengthy installation and configuration efforts. Learn about four packages -- MoviX2, GeeXBoX, WOMP!, and LLGP -- that put the fun back into your computer.

Review: SimplyMEPIS 3.4-3

SimplyMEPIS is a KDE-based, Debian-derived distro that focuses on desktop use. The previous stable release came out in May of 2005, but the newest version of SimplyMEPIS is scheduled for release today, and it looks like a great release for anyone who's interested in desktop Linux.

FOXNEWS: Open-source Users Break Free From Commercial Software

LONDON — Danny and Linda Lee, who are both in their mid-50s, know as much about computers as they do about gangsta rap. Yet Mr and Mrs Lee's computer at their home in Bedhampton, Hampshire, England, doesn't run Microsoft Windows. Nor is it a newbie-friendly Mac.

[Ed: Congrats to the mainstream press writer who actually conveyed with some accuracy the difference between freeware and FOSS! - dcparris]

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