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Re: 32-bits, CLAM, and TAPESTREA

During the construction of my 64-bit box I collected enough spare parts to build another machine, one destined for a 32-bit Linux system. Last week I finally got that machine built and running with a sparkling new version of the Jacklab Audio Distribution (JAD). I've been using JAD in its alpha releases, but the new box is running the first beta version.

The Road to KDE 4: KDE PIM Libraries and Related Technologies

KDE has a number of sub-projects that have blossomed into enormous projects of their own. A number of them, such as KOffice, or KDE-Edu get a lot of press in the open source world, while the KDE PIM project has been quietly gaining corporate acceptance as a suitable enterprise suite. Today's feature are the libraries that power the KDE PIM project, and specifically, what changes have taken place since KDE 3.5.x, wherein the KDE PIM project is one of the most successful and stable components of KDE.

Portrait: Dr. Alain Empain helps grow open source

Twice a week, Dr. Alain Empain drives his car away from his solar-paneled home in the Belgian countryside, then parks and boards a train that an hour and 10 minutes later will take him to a bus, which half an hour later will take him a small village called Meise and to his job as a botanist with Belgium's National Botanic Garden, where since the early 1990s he has been a persistent pioneer of open source software.

Managing Volatility in the Java World

In this installment of Java theory and practice, Brian Goetz explores some patterns for using volatile variables correctly and offers some warnings about the limits of its applicability.

The Open-Source ATI R500 Driver

  • Phoronix; By Michael Larabel (Posted by phoronix on Jun 19, 2007 6:22 PM EDT)
  • Story Type: News Story
Last week the first open-source ATI R500 (Radeon X1000 series) driver had entered the world. This new driver (named the xf86-video-avivo) is very early into development, but a small set of developers have been working on reverse engineering this GPU class for the past couple of months. This driver does not yet contain any 3D functionality or support for features that most end-users expect. At this point, the driver just contains very basic initialization and set video mode support for a portion of the Radeon X1000 family. Even with this very basic R500 driver, we couldn't help but to explore the Avivo driver for the past few days.

Interview with Fedora's Max Spevack

An interview with Fedora's Project Leader about how Fedora and Red Hat work together to create the code used in both Fedora and Red Hat Enterprise Linux releases.

Ubuntu, Red Hat reject Microsoft patent deal

Red Hat, the largest Linux vendor, and Ubuntu-maker Canonical have both rejected calls from Microsoft to forge a deal similar to the one the Redmond giant signed with Linux distributors Novell, Xandros, and Linspire.

Dual Monitors With Ubuntu

Learn how to set up dual monitors the simple way with Envy and a couple of LCD monitors.

New LinuxCOE helps admins customize distros

Hewlett-Packard released version 4 of its Linux Common Operating Environment (LinuxCOE) software this month. LinuxCOE is a front end to a set of Perl scripts that helps administrators by building customized install images for various Linux distributions. The idea is to simplify the process of installing and maintaining several Linux systems irrespective of the distribution on any one particular system. The new version streamlines the process of maintaining Linux installations created using LinuxCOE.

Splitting Apache Logs With vlogger

Vlogger is a little tool with which you can write Apache logs broken down by virtual hosts and days. With vlogger, we need to put just one CustomLog directive into our global Apache configuration, and it will write access logs for each virtual host and day. Therefore, you do not have to split Apache's overall access log into access logs for each virtual host each day, and you do not have to configure Apache to write one access log per virtual host (which could make you run out of file descriptors very fast).

Visuwords: WordNet goes graphical

WordNet is one of the best English language references available, but its command-line and rather primitive graphical interfaces don't really do it justice. WordNet would greatly benefit from a graphical front-end similar to Visual Thesaurus that allows you to view and explore the connections between different words. Fortunately, there is a tool that does exactly that.

Live from the Mass. Technology Leadership Council Open Source Summit

Open source summits seem to be all the rage these days, so I'm blogging from another one this week. In this case, it’s the third somewhat similar event staged by the Massachusetts Technology Leadership Council, the largest and oldest technology membership association in the Commonwealth. The dance card includes senior folks from Red Hat, Novell, IBM and Microsoft, as well as local OSS startups and GPL3 Committee Members.

Linux Foundation going green

The Linux Foundation has launched an initiative to make Linux "green" by improving the system's power management.

More About Nepomuk-KDE: Soprano and KDE Integration

Recently Sebastian Trüg held a presentation about Nepokumk-KDE and kindly provided me the slides. In this regard this post is an extension to the post 'State and Plans of Nepomuk-KDE'.

CEO of Mandriva: We will not go to Canossa - No deal with Microsoft

Novell, Xandros and Linspire have signed well publicized agreements with Microsoft. Rumors on the Web have hinted that Mandriva might be next on the list. Mandriva believes in interoperability, which must be based on open standards, like ODF. They also believe that software patent threats are just FUD. So no deal with Microsoft from Mandriva.

Linux printing steps toward simplicity

The Linux Foundation last week announced the free availability of the Linux Standard Base Driver Development Kit for print drivers. The DDK provides the tools and resources for printing manufacturers to easily support all Linux distributions with one driver package, greatly reducing the time and effort needed to support Linux, a foundation spokesperson said.

Pressure mounts on Dell over Linux PCs

Votes have been stacking up on Dell's user forum calling for PCs pre-loaded with Linux to be made available outside of the United States.

Novell Readies 'Virtual Machine Driver Pack'

Novell claims it will become the first vendor to offer a supported solution for Xen virtual machine guests.

Interview With Fred Miller - GNU/Linux Evangelist

LXer Feature: 19-Jun-2007

Fred Miller is a prolific GNU/Linux evangelist and active member of the OpenSUSE community. He has converted numerous small businesses and individuals from Windows to GNU/Linux. He is also a big fan.

First look at Eclipse Speed Wizards

This article demonstrates the art of using powerful Eclipse wizards that automates the creation of classes, interfaces, projects, other resources.

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