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Another Linux user. Our ranks grow.

About 6 months ago I was having a conversation with my roommate Beth, talking about her aging Dell laptop. She was considering getting a desktop machine to use as her primary workhorse for her up and coming graduate student immersion. I thought a bit, and said "Hey, I could probably get you something decent. We could even make this an interesting experiment. Tell you what, I'll get you a machine, but it'll run Linux. Up for it?". "Sure!", and we were off...

The End of a Gutsy Experiment

In the comments to the article I wrote about running the 64-bit version of Ubuntu Feisty Fawn on a Gateway MX7626, I added that my friend who owns the laptop had “upgraded” to Gutsy Gibbon Tribe 4 to try and fix a problem with intermittent sound under Feisty. The initial upgrade did work and her sound functioned properly. I talked to her again last night and she is giving up on running Ubuntu beta software and is going back to Fiesty.

Linux the fastest-growing smartphone OS

Linux will power about 31 percent of all smartphones sold in 2012, and by then will have shipped in 331 million devices, says ABI. The research firm forecasts 75 percent CAGR (compound annual growth rate) for Linux in smartphones through 2012, making it the fastest-growing OS in the sector. Linux is benefiting from growing support in the handset OEM community, most notably Motorola, but also Nokia with less traditional types of devices aimed at mobile broadband applications.

Three flavours of Open Source distros reviewed

From the flames, some of you seem to be a bit interested in the new open sauce flavours floating around. One more go at the sauces, and we will see if you like it. Or not. You can flame, or ask for more. Here goes. The three victims for this round of testing are Arklinux 2007.1, Damn Small Linux 4.0, and Sabayon Linux 3.4.

Govt OSS migration will need skills

Governments looking to migrate to open source software (OSS) will need to ramp up their internal skills base, according to Gartner analyst Andrea Di Maio. Di Maio said that over time organisations had become reliant on external skills in their operations. One of the primary challenges for governments moving to open source would be the need to re-instate internal skills. "In moving to open source you can't rely on external skills and [before the move] you will need to assess whether you will be able to ramp up the the required level."

Sun pushes integration with UltraSPARC T2

Sun has announced the UltraSPARC T2, which it has dubbed the world's fastest commodity microprocessor. As a general-purpose processor, the UltraSPARC T2 also provides support for the massively threaded, open source Solaris operating system and other realtime operating systems, as well as future versions of Ubuntu Linux. Sun plans to release source code for the UltraSPARC T2 processor to the OpenSPARC community and the UltraSPARC T2 processor design to the open source community through the GPL license.

FSF Latin America Experiences Revival

  • Blue GNU; By D.C. Parris (Charlotte, USA) (Posted by dcparris on Aug 28, 2007 7:24 PM EDT)
  • Story Type: Interview; Groups: Community
Blue GNU interviews Alexandre Oliva to learn about Free Software Foundation - Latin America. After a bit of a stuttering start, the FSFLA is definitely well under way and making strong progress.

The OOXML Vote: How Bad Can it Get? (Keep Counting)

Well, you have to hand it to Microsoft. They are nothing if not thorough, and leave as little to chance as possible. Previous reports from all over have indicated sudden, surprising surges of membership in National Body voting committees in multiple countries throughout the world (most recently in Sweden), and I have reported recently (here and here) that there has been a sudden surge of interest among ISO members in upgrading their privileges to "P" status, which will entitle to them (just in time) to a more influential vote on OOXML

X.Org 7.3 Preview

  • Phoronix; By Michael Larabel (Posted by phoronix on Aug 28, 2007 6:19 PM EDT)
  • Story Type: News Story
Scheduled for release tomorrow is X.Org 7.3. Among the new features for X.Org 7.3 include the Xorg server 1.4, an application for adjusting a display's backlight, updated display drivers, and support for font catalog directories. Version 1.4 of the X.Org server contains such features as RandR 1.2 support, input hot-plugging, KDrive enhancements, Solaris DTrace support, and EXA improvements. In this article today, we will briefly go over some of the changes found in X.Org 7.3 and we will follow up with some benchmarks in early September.

Microsoft cannot declare itself exempt from the requirements of GPLv3

"Microsoft has engaged in anticompetitive conduct in the software industry for many years, and has sought to attack free software for almost as long," Free Software Foundation says. The Free Software Foundation (FSF) today released the following statement in response to claims by Microsoft regarding their obligations under the GNU General Public License version 3 (GPLv3):

Microsoft cannot declare itself exempt from the requirements of GPLv3

Linux: 2.6.23-rc4,"Boring" Release

Linux creator Linus Torvalds announced the latest release candidate of the upcoming 2.6.23 kernel,"it can mostly be described with the one word,'boring'", he said, noting there weren't any exciting changes. He added that there was two weeks between this and the last release candidate. Actual source-level changes can be viewed through the git web interface. Kernel Newbies maintains a list of all changes in the upcoming kernel

Boost Reliability with Ethernet Bonding and Linux

  • Enterprise Networking Planet; By Carla Schroder (Posted by Sander_Marechal on Aug 28, 2007 4:41 PM EDT)
  • Story Type: Tutorial; Groups: Linux
An easy, inexpensive way to double up Ethernet interfaces to get more more bandwidth and reliability is called Ethernet bonding. While Gigabit Ethernet is all exciting and the hot new fad, you can get a lot of mileage out of using Ethernet bonding to give your existing gear a nice boost without spending much extra money. Just stuff two ordinary 10/100 Ethernet interfaces into a machine, tweak a few configuration files, and you're in business. If one fails you won't lose connectivity. It is a good cheap upgrade for your servers—you'll have several options for configuring load balancing and failover, and with the right gear you'll get an instant bandwidth boost by combining the bandwidth of the two interfaces.

The invisible desktop

If you go by what the mainstream press reports, you’d think there were only two computer desktop operating systems in the world—Windows and Mac OS. This notion would be most unfortunate because it might keep you or your company from exploring Linux as a reliable, secure and powerful desktop operating system for your PC that’s cheaper than the two proprietary platforms. In fact, it’s often free. Today, more than a year after I switched, there’s very little I can’t do in terms of business and personal productivity on my Ubuntu Linux PC that I did when I used Windows.

Touring the KDE 4 Beta

Few major pieces of free software are more eagerly awaited than KDE 4. With changes to everything from the core libraries and window manager to the look, feel and function of the desktop, by any standard, KDE 4 is an extreme makeover of the popular desktop environment. Scheduled for release in October, KDE 4 can be toured now in the first beta that was released at the start of August. On the way, you'll find major overhauls of general functionality,as well as both major and minor refitting of familiar KDE programs and the introduction of a few new ones.

DST to celebrate Software Freedom Day

Software Freedom Day the worldwide celebration of Free and Open Source Software (FOSS), will take place on September 15. The South African event will take place at the department of science and technology (DST) in Pretoria.

The Four Freedoms Applied to Hardware

The Free Software Foundation has defined Four Freedoms related to software. These freedoms apply to users of software, not necessarily developers. In the view of the FSF, these freedoms are ethical in nature, so much so that they argue that software which violates these freedoms is unethical.

German Universities Tap Novell for Infrastructure Needs

Forty percent of German university students now have access to Linux and management solutions from Novell

Three MythTV Linux distros compared

My Series 1 TiVo is getting old, so I am planning an escape route based on MythTV, a free software system that turns an old computer into a personal video recorder. This week I tested three MythTV-specific Linux distributions: KnoppMyth, MythDora, and MythBuntu. I found MythDora the best overall fit for my needs -- but there are important distinctions between the three that may lead you to a different decision.

Everyone is using Linux around here

Seems that World Domination is not so far away. In Germany, ~ 80 million people are using Linux - even if they have never used a computer at all. And yes, that means: all of us are.

Network Management And Monitoring With Hyperic HQ On Ubuntu 7.04

  • HowtoForge; By Oliver Meyer (Posted by falko on Aug 28, 2007 11:03 AM EDT)
  • Story Type: Tutorial; Groups: Ubuntu
This document describes how to set up Hyperic HQ on Ubuntu 7.04. The resulting system provides an awesome, web-based "Systems-Management-Software". It is the next stage of classical monitoring and able to manage all kinds of operating systems, web servers, application servers and database servers.

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