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Linux Usage on the Rise in Large Companies

Linux usage in the servers of large companies is continuing to rise. 73% of enterprise companies are running Linux on at least some of their servers. Just six months ago that figure was 67% and a year ago it was 65%, as per Evans Data Corp's latest Enterprise Development Issues Survey...

A brief look at a couple of new features in Firefox 2.0

  •; By Ravi (Posted by dsTst on Oct 28, 2006 12:02 PM EDT)
  • Story Type: Roundups; Groups: Community
This article gives a visual explanation of some of the new features found in Firefox ver 2.0. It also describes a sure shot way of installing Firefox on any Linux distribution.

OpenSUSE 10.2 Beta 1 Screenshot Walkthrough

The first beta of openSUSE 10.2 is now ready for testing: "I'm glad to announce the first beta of openSUSE 10.2, code name 'Basilisk Lizard'. openSUSE 10.2 Beta1 contains a large number of enhancements and updates done by the open source community and Novell's development teams. I'd like to point out especially the following , KDE 3.5.5, X.Org 7.2 RC; both KDE and GNOME feature improved start menus; improved desktop effects (Compiz 0.2); 2.0.4; numerous improvements to our package manager stack, including a new update notification applet and a console application called zypper...."

Red Hat applauds ISV partner ecosystem 'record' growth

Open source software giant Red Hat has claimed its ISV partner ecosystem has experienced ‘record’ growth in the past six months. The firm, which earlier this year announced plans to shift to a 70 per cent indirect model in Europe (CRN, 10 April), said the numbers of certified ISV partners have increased by 122 per cent in the past six months.

I’m Saint iGNUcius: Stallman tells NIT students

“He is coming”, “He is coming”, the posters shouted from every nook and corner of the National Institute Technology (NIT) Hamirpur campus. Curious and inquisitive to know more, I stared hard at the picture of a benevolent looking man with an affectionate smile on his countenance. His long flowing hair and beard adding more mystery to his persona. Who is he? An apostle! I thought. What would he teach us about? I was surprised to know that he would teach us a lot about the moral and ethical issues that face the world of Free Software.

Edgy upgrade pains and fixes

Upgrading an operating system is always a chancy thing. An application can stop working, a modem can freeze up, and then, when upgrading to Ubuntu 6.10, Edgy Eft, you can lose your graphical user interface: windows, icon, mouse pointer, and all... Not good.

Ten reasons Linux and BSD are vastly superior to Windows - Part I

I know that some Microsoft fanboys are probably hitting the Send button on their flames as they read the title, but you can't ignore the truth. Linux and BSD are vastly superior to Windows in every way. Don't believe me? Read on, my friend. Read on and realize the folly of your MS ways

Scientific Linux rolls out live CD/DVD update

The Scientific Linux project today released a set of live CDs and DVDs of the latest version of their Red Hat-based distribution, v4.4, for both i386 and x86_64 architectures. The live CD/DVD, featuring a 2.6.9 kernel and the GNOME desktop environment, can also boot from a USB port, the team said.

Security firm punctures Vista's Patchguard

Analysis Security vendor Authentium has discovered a mechanism to get around Microsoft's controversial Patchguard kernel protection technology, which is due to ship in the 64-bit version of its forthcoming Windows Vista operating system.

Brazilian government faces challenge over proprietary tax software

The Free Software Foundation - Latin America (FSFLA) is campaigning against the Brazilian government's regulations that some citizens must use non-free software for paying taxes. Referring to the software as "Softwares Impostos," a term that puns in Portuguese on "taxes" and "imposed," FSFLA has launched a letter-writing campaign against the requirement, arguing that it is both contrary to current social policies and a violation of the Brazilian constitution.

EMS releases DB Comparer 2006 ver. 2.2

EMS Database Management Solutions has announced version 2.2 of DB Comparer 2006, a powerful tool for comparing SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL and InterBase/Firebird databases and discerning differences in their structure.

HP: Open source can be more profitable than proprietary

HP claims it has started to make higher margins from open source than proprietary software in some instances, due to the support costs associated with migration.

OpenSUSE 10.2 beta 1 has improvements, bugs

With all the big news about new Linux releases -- Fedora Core 6 and Ubuntu 6.10 -- the release of the first beta of OpenSUSE 10.2 might easily be missed. The latest beta of this popular community-based Linux distro emerged Oct. 26.

Release-critical Bug Report for October 27, 2006

Release-critical Bug Report for October 27, 2006

Mozilla Wants Your Super Powers

Mike Shaver, co-founder of the Mozilla project, believes that everyone has a super power that can be used for open source good. Don't worry if that super power isn't big. Though Mozilla is a big project, it wants people to start small. Shaver delivered the opening keynote at the fifth annual Free Software and Open Source Symposium here today.

Panda trials Linux anti-virus software

Security company Panda has launched a beta version of Panda DesktopSecure for Linux. The suite includes a signature-based detection mechanism for malicious code, the Genetic Heuristic Engine, and a powerful firewall. Panda aims to contribute to the Linux community by offering a free product to protect these systems.

Hatch Python Eggs with Setuptools

  •; By David Mertz, Ph.D. (Posted by IdaAshley on Oct 27, 2006 10:35 PM EDT)
  • Groups: IBM, Linux; Story Type: News Story
Setuptools framework, a side project of PEAK, provides easier package management and distribution than distutils. Setuptools lets you package your libraries in a single-file archive called an "egg," similar to Java JAR file, but for Python. Like the Perl CPAN and Ruby Gems tools, the ez_setup tool bootstraps the rest of setuptools. The ez_install tool that comes with it does the same thing in conjunction with "Cheeseshop" (PyPI).

Linux Professional Institute Offers Discounted Certification Exams at LinuxWorld Cologne

The Linux Professional Institute will offer discounted certification exams to attendees of LinuxWorld Conference & Expo Cologne 2006 at 11:00 and 15:00 on November 14-16, 2006

A Snarly little graph of Ruby's Grammar

Nick Sieger, who attended the RubyConf 2007 implementers' summit has startedexploring the seedy back alleys of Ruby, and is taking notes for the rest of us. After he spent some time with the yacc grammar, he came up with a nice little graph. Follow the link to see his travelogue, then you can do what I'm doing— waiting impatiently for the next iteration.

Report: New Linux Security Products Glimmer On Horizon

Beyond displaying an extensive slate of existing Linux products, vendors at this week's InfoSecurity show pointed to possible future offerings ranging from a Linux client for a CD-ROM encryption system to a Linux-enabled all-in-one device for securing both physical access and video surveillance.

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