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DRBL: A quick and easy thin client server

Administrators interested in a cost-efficient, powerful, and easy-to-manage thin client server should consider Diskless Remote Boot in Linux (DRBL), a server-based open source application that lets organizations deploy GNU/Linux across many clients. DRBL lets clients boot a Linux image over the network, so client hard drives can retain their own operating systems, or clients can do without hard drives altogether.

Developers Gather for ODF Day

Yahoo Business reports on ODF Day at Akademy which brought together developers from KOffice, OpenOffice, IBM, Intel and government. "Dr. Barbara Held, presently serving as Enterprise and Industry Directorate-General of the European Commission Program for Interchange of Data between Administrations (IDA), stated in her keynote address, 'In the view of the European administrations and Member States, the ODF standard is at the very top of the pile by far from all other proposed open standards.'"

Sun says OpenSparc is gaining traction

Sun was set to report Monday that 60 percent of the trial units of Niagara, an open-source product, have been ordered by new customers. This indicates that the company is gaining market share from rivals such as IBM Corp.'s Power and Intel Corp.'s Itanium high-performance microprocessor architectures.

Putting Open Source Development Under the Scope

"In a large proprietary software development environment, engineers spend four to nine hours a week in meetings. ... The result of all this is to pace the engineers to the plodding pace of management, so that they can stay in control of the project," said Josh Berkus, core team member of the PostgreSQL open source database project.

What would Jesus download? Maybe Ubuntu CE

Jereme Hancock says the reason he created a Christian version of Linux, called Ubuntu Christian Edition, was simply to "bring Linux to Christian believers." Ubuntu CE, which comes with net filtering and Bible study software, is designed to fit in with Hancock's mission to provide a "family-friendly place on the Web," Hancock says.

JasperSoft’s Market-Leading Open Source Reporting Solution Now Available On’s AppExchange

Jasper4Salesforce Gives Customers Capability to Integrate Business Intelligence Directly within their On-Demand Applications

Black Duck smooths feathers of open source coders

Black Duck Software recently released a new version of its open source license compliance and management tool. It's aimed at companies that develop products where multiple pieces of open source code are blended together.

RPLinux: China's Answer to the $100 PC

  •; By Matt Hartley (Posted by gsh on Oct 2, 2006 6:57 PM EDT)
  • Story Type: Editorial; Groups: Linux
A while back, I stumbled upon something called the Municator PC from YellowSheepRiver Municator, Inc. At first, I thought this had to be yet another hoax, but as I looked deeper into it, I found out that China has done a fairly nice job of taking the distribution, known as RPLinux, and integrating it with Chinese made hardware. Aaron Seigo talks about Akademy and KDE 4

With Akademy now at a close Aaron Seigo spoke to for a podcast. "Akademy's conference track, which ran Saturday and Sunday, was different from those of past years, Seigo says. In the past, Seigo says Akademy has had a user-focused conference, but 'this year, we've decided to focus acutely on the technical side of life.' Most of the talks have focused on KDE 4, and speakers have been able to not only discuss their new applications and technologies, but also to demonstrate them."

Trusted Computer Solutions Appoints George Kamis as Chief Technology Officer

Kamis Promoted From Vice President of Engineering to Company's Highest Technical Post; Industry Recognized Cross Domain Expert to Drive Technical Innovation

Xinjiang Clusters Panasas

  •; By Panasas inc. (Posted by hkwint on Oct 2, 2006 5:19 PM EDT)
  • Story Type: News Story; Groups: GNU, Linux
Panasas is providing high performance storage to Xinjiang Oil Company to help improve reliability, increase scalability and reduce overall IT costs at the oil company’s facility in western China where aging UNIX mainframes are being replaced with newer Linux clusters.

Telecoms Action Group opens for donations

The Telecoms Action Group today opened for donations for its consumer advocacy campaign to take out a full-page advert decrying the state of telecommunications in South Africa. The group published its banking details on the website.

Sun's OpenSPARC Push Advances

Sun Microsystems continued its open source push today with the announcement of an independent governing board to set the direction for its OpenSPARC hardware initiative.

Book Review: IPv6 Essentials, 2nd Edition, by Silvia Hagen

IPv6 Essentials, 2nd edition is a well-written, clear, up-to-date guide to understanding IPv6 in-depth. The book explains how it all works to a very practical depth, so that the reader will be well-prepared to begin implementation.

Keep your Web site online with a High Availability Linux Apache cluster

Failover clusters are used to ensure high availability of system services and applications even through crashes, hardware failures, and environmental mishaps. In this article, I'll show you how to implement a rock-solid two-node high availability Apache cluster with the heartbeat application from The High-Availability Linux Project. I tested the cluster on Fedora Core 5, CentOS 4.3, and Ubuntu 6.06.1 LTS server distributions.

Web app takes the pain out of invoicing

SA Internet guru and open source advocate Alan Levin's company has developed an online invoicing system called Billy for the South African market.

ToorCon ("Firefox security is a mess") sponsored by Microsoft

Lately, I read the headline: "Open Source browser Firefox is so critically flawed that it is impossible to fix, according to two hackers." Further on, in the ZDNet article I read: "The hackers claim they know of about 30 unpatched Firefox flaws. They don't plan to disclose them, instead holding onto the bugs."
Since that sounds suspicious, I decided to start searching for connections with MS. Easy enough, here it is:

  • 21:30-03:00 ToorCon Saturday Night Party - Sponsored by Microsoft (Link)

Hackers drinking MS-beer for more than five consecutive hours! Judge for yourself...

Carrier Grade Linux moves beyond telecoms into data centers ...

Carrier Grade Linux (CGL) started as a telecommunications infrastructure building block, but its strong availability, scalability and service response features are driving its adoption in corporate IT environments, says Bill Weinberg, open source architecture specialist for Open Source Development Labs (OSDL), in Beaverton, Ore. Along the way, it's being enhanced to work with virtualization and blade servers, too.

SIP vs. Skype: Making the “Open” Choice

  •; By Matt H. (Posted by gsh on Oct 2, 2006 10:16 AM EDT)
  • Story Type: Reviews; Groups: Linux
Over the past few months, I have found myself conflicted as I have time and again found myself perplexed in an effort to locate a good quality VoIP option for my Linux box. It's been my experience that many Linux purists will expect you to be using some sort of SIP soft phone, and frankly balk at the very idea of running Skype on their systems. After doing a little research, I’m beginning to understand why.

CLI Magic: Customize your comics with dailystrips

Here's a handy Perl script to automate a critical part of your daily routine. dailystrips can help fetch your favorite Internet comic strips in time for you to enjoy them with your first cup of coffee, without your having to surf for them. You can run it from the CLI, or set it up to run automatically each day in cron. Set up correctly, dailystrips will either create an HMTL file you can browse to read the strips, or actually download the images and store them locally for you -- your choice.

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