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Likewise Open-Sources Active Directory Authentication for Linux

Thanks to newly renamed Likewise, open-source Active Directory authentication for Linux has arrived. Like it or lump it, Microsoft's Active Directory is a very popular network directory, and thus, management system. It's been possible to use AD for Linux, but it was never easy.

Linspire's beta finally goes live

It's been over a year since Linspire announced a free version of the CNR (Click'N'Run) software management system for its own Linuxes -- Freespire and Linspire -- as well as others, such as Ubuntu, but the project is finally open to all as a beta.

Novell delays Q4 results due to SEC missives

Novell is delaying the release of its fiscal fourth quarter results due to an ongoing accounting review by the US Securities and Exchange Commission. The Linux firm was scheduled to release results today for the quarter ended October 31. But slow correspondence between Novell and an accountant's least favorite pen-pal has struck them with a bout of "an abundance of caution."

DB2 9 for Linux, Unix, and Windows

DB2 9 is the result of a five-year development project that transformed traditional (static) database technology into an interactive data server that merges the high performance and ease of use of DB2 with the self-describing benefits of XML. Download a free trial version of IBM DB2 9.5 for Linux, UNIX, and Windows.

Fedora 8 — More than a Linux Distribution

One of the most popular free-as-in-freedom Linux distribution, Fedora Linux, released its latest version, Fedora 8, earlier in November. In addition to being a fantastic release, Fedora's user and development community and a clear headed approach makes Fedora 8 much more than a Linux distribution.

World’s Largest P2P Media Distribution Provider Selects Zenoss

Pando Chooses Zenoss to Manage Large-Scale Online Services Infrastructure

Risk gamers use free software to take over the world

How are GNU/Linux users preparing for Linus Torvalds' plan of world domination? By playing free software computer games based on the classic world conquest board game Risk. You can perfect your strategy by playing the games XFrisk, TEG, or Ksirk.

Radria: OSS online web development tool

Released this week for free download, Radria is a set of open source software (OSS) tools that can be used to develop database driven websites online through a graphic user interface.

Computer Gifted

An article for new computer users receiving a computer gift for the holidays. Tips on what to do with Windows, Linux and where to find a bit of help with Macs.

Red Hat MRG beta improves speed 100-fold

Red Hat's Messaging Real-time Grid (MRG) was launched as a beta yesterday, adding to its Enterprise Linux platform and promising speed increases of up to 100 times for certain transactions carried out by larger businesses.

ASUS P5K-E WiFi vs. Gigabyte P35-DS4 On Linux

While all of the rage recently has been around Intel's X38 Express Chipset, there is still plenty of life left in Intel's P35 "Bearlake" Chipset. The Intel P35 is only a few months older, but it contains most of the same features as the flagship X38 aside from the PCI Express 2.0 support and a Hardware Memory Prefetcher. We have previously reviewed Intel P35 motherboards such as the ASUS Blitz Extreme and Gigabyte P35-DS3P, but in this review, we are going back and looking at two more of these Intel Bearlake motherboards. At hand today we have the ASUS P5K-E WiFi and Gigabyte P35-DS4 motherboards, both of which are similar in many respects and use the P35 + ICH9R combination with DDR2 memory.

Computing made a better experience

Computer users are up for a debate when it comes to choosing the best operating system that they have ever used. Like Microsoft Windows that held monopoly when it came to operating systems, more and more computer users, especially the youth, are opting for Linux operating systems these days. A sea of difference between Linux and Windows operating systems has got computer users hooked onto Linux. Users feel that it is a package that comes with everything needed for a computer.

Fontmatrix: Font management for the desktop finally arrives

The GNU/Linux desktop lacks a font manager for design work. Ideally, such a font manager should support currently used font formats, including TrueType, Type1, and OpenType, and allow sets of fonts to be activated on the fly, so that system memory is not choked with rarely used fonts. Until now, the closest to this ideal has been Fonty Python, but, when last seen, it fell short because of it supported only TrueType fonts and had a needlessly complicated interface. Now, however, newcomer Fontmatrix has proved itself a contender for the role. In fact, despite some weaknesses in its features, its basic functionality is already dependable.

Chip vendors partner on Linux switches

Two fabless networking chip vendors will collaborate on Linux-based reference designs for managed enterprise switches and SOHO/SMB routers. The designs will combine Cavium's multi-core MIP64-based Octeon processors with Broadcom's StrataXGS and RoboSwitch Gigabit Ethernet switches, and run Linux along with LVL7's Fastpath TCP/IP stack.

Control your Linux PC from your mobile phone with Amora

Standing next to your laptop to control the slides during a presentation is not cool. Nowadays everyone uses a presentation device or their laptop's remote controller, but a presentation device can be expensive, few laptops come with a remote controller, and for those that do, Linux compatibility may be an issue. The Amora project turns your Symbian mobile phone into a Linux presentation device using Bluetooth.

Asus says it'll ship 3.8 million Eee PCs next year

It's no secret that Asus has some big expectations for its low-cost Eee PC, but it looks like the company is now getting a bit more specific on the matter, with it saying it expects to ship some 3.8 million of the laptops in the next fiscal year. What's more, as Daily Tech reports, at least some of those 3.8 million laptops will be shipping with Windows -- specifically, a stripped-down version of XP that's been designed for "emerging markets."

[Would that be the nutered XP version that can only run three applications at the same time? Like, AV software, a firewall and Windows Explorer? - Sander]

Staking the Myth that Free Software Can't Innovate

Like Dracula, the old myth that free software can't innovate keeps returning. Its latest incarnation is in the form of a column by Jaron Lanier in the December issue of Discover Magazine. But this accusation is one that's overdue for a stake through the heart. Those who have experienced free software projects firsthand know that they depend on innovation and generally foster it. In fact, the very idea of free software is one of the most innovative ideas in the history of computing.

Search for embedded Linux patents

As an electrical engineer with an automotive background, when I think of Linux, I think of servers, PCs, supercomputers, and so forth. Embedded applications don't really come to mind when I consider Linux. However, Linux is used as an operating system for many phones, games, and other devices with embedded software. Even though Linux is open source (free), certain companies could have patents that could be infringed by people using Linux in embedded applications.

Sun to dangle prize money over open-source efforts

Sun Microsystems on Wednesday will release details of a new award program meant to spur growth and activity within the company's open-source efforts, according to a post by Sun's open-source officer, Simon Phipps, on his corporate blog. The award program will involve the OpenSolaris, GlassFish, OpenJDK, OpenSPARC, NetBeans and communities.

When Bad Things Happen With Good Software

If you create a piece of open source software and discover that it has been put to use in a way you find personally distasteful or immoral, what would you do about it? That's a question that was raised, albeit in a somewhat oddball form, just recently. Not long ago the Motion Picture Association of America released what it calls the "University Toolkit", a custom edition of Xubuntu that comes with a number of network analysis tools, allegedly for detecting copyright-infringing network activity.

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