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Novell to bring home the bacon, according to Hovsepian

It is no secret that Novell has been losing legacy Netware customers. It is also no secret that incoming CEO Ron Hovsepian has been directed by the board to turn things around quickly – some say within six months. The question is whether putting a super salesman like Hovsepian in charge of the show is the answer or does the problem lay with Novell’s overall business strategy.

Network Appliance Targets Linux Clusters

Network Appliance recently introduced an operating system to power its storage for high-performance Linux computing clusters in large-scale computational systems.

Ebay Marketing Director Joins Open Source Company VA Software

Mike Rudolph To Lead The Marketplace Effort

Red Hat: Still Savvy

Forging ahead with the same business model for more than 12 years might seem old hat to some in the constantly changing world of information technology, but business customers say Red Hat wears it well.

Development tool availability and the rise of GNU/Linux

The issue of open source languages and the availability of development tools is a thought process I was having the other day. One of the key tools in the GNU space is the GNU C compiler. Up until its availability on Unix (long before the Linux kernel came on the scene), developing on Unix was limited to whatever tools were made available by the Unix vendor.

App Developers Still Cool to Open Source

India, once seen as fertile ground for open-source software, has yet to embrace the development model in the way many hoped it would. As a developing country with an emerging pool of talented, industrious programmers, India was once seen as a natural fit for open-source software. But today, while the country has software developers by the thousand, only a fraction of them do work in the open-source area.

Ubuntu Linux Live CD: Save data & desktop information on USB device

  • nixCraft; By LinuxTitli (Posted by hkwint on Jul 6, 2006 4:33 PM EDT)
  • Story Type: Tutorial; Groups: Linux
Ubuntu Linux (other Linux distro also able to save data on external USB hard disk or USB pen drive) has this nifty feature that allows saving both data and desktop settings.

'casper-cow' is a special label on an ext2/ext3 filesystem or partition. You need to use e2label command to assign the label on USB pen or hard disk drive. If this label found Ubuntu Linux will use the USB device to store desktop information as well as your data/applications. The idea is very simply, "you should be able to carry your desktop anywhere, anytime".

Perl Coders Get New GTK+ Release

Programmers on Perl and other languages can take advantage of the latest stable release of the GTK+ toolkit to facilitate rapid application development.

Real Software Ships REALbasic 2006 Release 3 for Linux; Gives ...

n addition to the over 100 features and fixes that have been added, REALbasic 2006 Release 3 for Linux has been specifically tested and optimized for use with SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop from Novell.

The End User: Firefox users decide fate

For a software company that is rapidly cutting into Microsoft's share of the Web browser market, Mozilla Corp. has a particularly unimpressive European headquarters.

New version of Skype for Linux arrives

Many Linux users had given up on ever seeing a new version of Skype, the popular VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) client, for Linux. They were wrong. Late in June, Skype released a beta version 1.3.

Staking the Vampire: SCO's case comes to an end?

Since day one of The SCO Group's lawsuit against IBM on the grounds that the corporate giant had stolen its Unix intellectual property for the betterment of Linux, SCO's opponents have shouted that there was nothing to the company's accusations.

Now, more than three years since the fight began, lawyers think that the court's recent decision to dismiss many of SCO's claims has shown that SCO's enemies were right all along.

Is Updike Obsolete?

  • Silicon Valley's Metro; By Annalee Newitz (Posted by grouch on Jul 6, 2006 1:22 PM EDT)
  • Story Type: Editorial; Groups: Community
In a recent New York Times Book Review screed, the proverbial old-white-male author John Updike offers a Reader's Digest version of the argument against online publishing. For those of us who are genuinely puzzled by the animosity directed against efforts to digitize books (like Google Print or the Internet Archive's Open Library Project), Updike's short essay is quite instructive.

Mr Firefox looks to the future

The only thing worth taking away is Ross's final statement: "My philosophy is very simple: serving users is the only reason I work in the software industry. I don't care about competitors unless they impede my ability to do that."

[Same title as a previous Seattle PI story, which it references, but this has additional info. -- grouch]

Xbox Linux distro achieves v5.0 release

The UK-based project team developing Gentoox, a Gentoo-based Linux operating system for the Xbox featuring Linux kernel 2.4.32 and the KDE desktop, announced its latest release on July 5, Gentoox Home v5.0. It is the team's first new release since v4.0 in June 2005.

Is Open Source Wikipedia as Reliable as Britannica?

Brittanica says it's not infallible but is nonetheless a reliable source, given its "strong scholarship," judgment and editorial oversight. It demanded a retraction. Nature's response: No way. It's "confident" the research resulting in Wikipedia's favorable comparison to Brittanica was fair, it says.

A Firefox PC operating system?

Lost amid the hubbub of the Saturday afternoon appearance by Firefox's Blake Ross at Gnomedex was a very interesting comment to Ross from Brian Livingston of Windows Secrets.

Printing, theming improved in GTK 2.10 release

  • Ars Technica; By Ryan Paul (Posted by dcparris on Jul 6, 2006 10:39 AM EDT)
  • Story Type: News Story; Groups: GNU
Originally designed for the GNU Image Manipulation Program, the GTK graphical application development toolkit provides an extensive assortment of widgets and controls for cross-platform software construction. The latest version, GTK 2.10.0, has been officially released. With plenty of exciting new features for users and developers, GTK 2.10.0 is a significant improvement over previous versions. The popular, cross-platform toolkit is widely used on a variety of platforms, and provides the foundation for the GNOME desktop environment. Available under the GNU's highly permissive LGPL license, GTK has been adopted by numerous proprietary and open source software developers.

Linux console servers target telecom

[Updated 5:20 P.M.] -- Opengear is shipping 48-Volt "telecom" versions of two inexpensive console servers based on Linux and other open source software. Network service providers can use the 16-port CM4116-48V and 48-port CM4148-48V to securely manage remote servers, switches, routers, VoIP gateways, and DSLAMs, via in- or out-of-band networks, according to the company.

Wall Develops Firefox SEO Extension

Search engine optimization hall-of-famer Aaron Wall has developed an intensive SEO extension for Mozilla's Firefox browser. The tool pulls data from a number of sources to offer search engine marketers "a more holistic view of the competitive landscape."

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