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BayStar Threatens to Sue SCO

  • eWEEK Linux (Posted by dave on Jul 28, 2004 4:09 AM EDT)
  • Story Type: News Story; Groups: SCO
Just when the Unix community thought that the fractious BayStar-SCO dispute was history, the investment house proved everyone wrong. The company now says it will sue SCO and continue the pair's troubled financial relationship.

Court decisions made on two Linux cases

  • Network World on Linux (Posted by dave on Jul 28, 2004 4:05 AM EDT)
  • Story Type: News Story
A couple of Linux-related court cases were recently put to rest, and the outcomes could be viewed as mixed for the Penguin-concerned parties involved in each respective litigation.

A 'Linux Desktop Base' could help solve dependency problems

  • NewsForge (Posted by dave on Jul 28, 2004 4:04 AM EDT)
  • Story Type: News Story
The package installation problem is one of the primary barriers to desktop Linux adoption. Most if not all solutions so far have addressed the wrong problem (at least for desktop users) -- resolving dependencies at package installation time. A much better approach is to ensure that as few dependencies exist as possible. While this might seem a lofty goal, given the open source development emphasis on reusing as much code as possible, I believe this goal is indeed achievable through a process of desktop component standardization.

NASA taps SGI, Intel for supercomputer

  • CNET; By Ed Frauenheim (Posted by dave on Jul 28, 2004 4:02 AM EDT)
  • Story Type: News Story; Groups: Intel, SGI
NASA has picked Computer maker Silicon Graphics Inc. and chipmaker Intel to develop a major supercomputer based on Linux to simulate space exploration and conduct other research, SGI announced Tuesday

ULB 2004 Video Follow-Up

  • Linux Journal (Posted by dave on Jul 28, 2004 4:00 AM EDT)
  • Story Type: News Story
How they got all those displays working for this year's ULB.

Open source winning in federal government, slowly

  • NewsForge (Posted by dave on Jul 28, 2004 4:00 AM EDT)
  • Story Type: News Story
Different interpretations of a memo from Office of Management and Budget IT and E-Government administrator Karen Evans make this software purchasing directive look both bad and good for open source.

Xandros updates Linux desktop and prepares server launch

  • Computer Business Review (Posted by dave on Jul 28, 2004 4:00 AM EDT)
  • Story Type: News Story; Groups: Debian
Linux distributor Xandros has updated its business and consumer Linux desktop to version 2.5, and is preparing for a long-awaited move into the Linux server market.

Debian update for libapache-mod-ssl (DSA-532-2)

  • (Posted by dave on Jul 27, 2004 3:35 PM EDT)
  • Groups: Debian; Story Type: Security

Seagate and Linspire, Inc. Exclusively Bring Linspire Linux OS to Latin America

Seagate,, the world's leading hard drive maker, and Linspire, Inc., today jointly announced an extension of their agreement to offer the LinspireEspanol desktop Linux operating system pre-loaded on Seagate Barracuda hard drives for emerging markets. This package will enable computer manufacturers to offer affordable Spanish language Linux desktop computers to their customers in Latin America.

Open Source security

  • IT Directors; By Fran Howarth (Posted by dave on Jul 27, 2004 10:21 AM EDT)
  • Story Type: News Story
One of the main reasons that companies choose Open Source software is because of the cost - even commoditised software based on Open Source code is cheaper than proprietary technology since up to 90% of the code will be Open Source, which the vendor gives away for free, with the end user just charged for the enhanced proprietary components. Plus, use of Open Source does largely make companies less dependent on proprietary vendors that periodically provide updates that IT resources must find time to deploy to maintain adequate security measures.

Opinion: Why Linux isn't ready for the Desktop

  • OSnews; By Ernesto Garbarino (Posted by dave on Jul 27, 2004 7:17 AM EDT)
  • Groups: Microsoft; Story Type: News Story
First of all, we should agree on what the definition of "ready for the desktop" stands for. For some of us it refers to a graphical user interface in which applications have icons and can be launched in an intuitive manner without the need of complex commands. Even a Commodore 64 running Geos could be "ready for the desktop" by this definition, but the fact is that when we read "ready for the desktop" we understand "ready to replace Microsoft Windows".

Geeks, nonprofits parlay community at Penguin Day

  • NewsForge (Posted by dave on Jul 27, 2004 6:29 AM EDT)
  • Story Type: News Story
A couple of days before software movers and shakers got together to talk about changing industry with open source at OSCON, geeks and do-gooders and do-gooder geeks gathered to talk about changing the world with open source at the second Penguin Day event held in Portland last weekend.

An informed rant about desktop UNIXes

  • osOpinion/osViews; By Kelly McNeill (Posted by osViews on Jul 27, 2004 4:25 AM EDT)
  • Story Type: Editorial; Groups: KDE
Although free software operating systems are getting progressively easier to use, a great deal of work is still necessary. Most of us in the alternative OS community are aware of this but a refinement objective that still doesn't get enough attention is the "less is more" analogy. Sometimes it's better to remove (or at least centralize) functionality rather than toss it on top of the heap. The following osOpinion/osViews editorial contributor made this observation after attempting a Knoppix installation.

Creating Games with Pygame

  • Linux Journal (Posted by dave on Jul 27, 2004 4:25 AM EDT)
  • Story Type: News Story
A tutorial explaining how to use Pygame, a wrapper built on Python and SDL, for game development and improved execution.

Astaro Version 5 Adopted by Fitness Formula, Wehr Enterprises, Chemical, Construction and large Mortgage Companies

Comprised of some 60 Open Source projects plus the company’s own proprietary integration and updating services, Astaro Security Linux is a comprehensive network security product for midsized to large businesses. It combines a firewall, VPN gateway, intrusion protection, virus protection, spam protection and surf protection (URL filtering). The complete software solution bundles a hardened Linux operating system that can run on any x86-compatible hardware, and is also available as a pre-installed appliance.

New Motorola A780 PDA Linux Handset

  • Press release (Posted by dave on Jul 27, 2004 4:19 AM EDT)
  • Story Type: Press Release
Motorola today announced the new Motorola A780 -- a truly converged device offering the speed of EDGE technology coupled with the open, flexible environment of Java(tm) + Linux to deliver the ultimate handset for both work and play.

Security Alerts: PHP Trouble

  • (Posted by dave on Jul 27, 2004 1:05 AM EDT)
  • Story Type: News Story; Groups: HP, PHP
Welcome to Security Alerts, an overview of recent Unix and open source security advisories. In this column, we look at problems in PHP, Samba, mod_ssl, HP-UX's xfs and stmkfont, Ethereal, l2tpd, Domino, APC PowerChute Business Edition, Webmin, and Lexmark network printers.

OSCON under way

  • NewsForge (Posted by dave on Jul 26, 2004 7:27 PM EDT)
  • Story Type: News Story
Most of the 1,500 OSCON 2004 attendees in Portland managed to shake off the city's abnormally hot weekend and the Portland Brewer's Festival to show up for informative training and discussion sessions on an array of open source languages and software as the event kicked off Monday.

Tutorial: OpenOffice Tips: Writer, Calc and Impress

Making the switch from Microsoft Office to OpenOffice can save you a lot of money on licensing fees, and it isn't difficult--most people get used to the changes quickly. But if you've been using MS Office for the best part of a decade and learned a few of its tricks along the way, you may find yourself baffled about how to do certain tasks in OpenOffice. Here are a few tips on using Writer, Calc and Impress.

Zend Launches PHP Certification Program

  • Web Host Industry Review (Posted by dave on Jul 26, 2004 3:13 PM EDT)
  • Groups: PHP; Story Type: News Story
Zend Technologies, which released PHP 5 last week, announced on Monday that it has launched the Zend PHP certification program, to be offered through the mobile testing facility it is hosting at The O'Reilly Open Source Convention on July 26-30 in Portland, Oregon.

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