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Fedora Weekly News Issue 85

Welcome to Fedora Weekly News Issue 85 for the week of April 22nd through April 28th, 2007.

VMware on Debian Etch 4.0

I like playing around with different distributions. As soon as a new version of gentoo, suse, ubuntu, sabayon or fedora appears I want to try it out. What I'm getting tired of is having to reinstall my system again and again, which has to be done if using beta versions or other cutting edge software (like beryl) which trashes my system. Besides all this I hate dual boot so this is not an option for me. For this reason I wanted to try some virtualisation software to overcome this problem.

SCO Receives Nasdaq Notice Letter

SCO gets its Nasdaq delisting notification.

Top U.S. Court Clears Way for More Patent Challenges

  •; By Greg Stohr (Posted by azerthoth on Apr 30, 2007 10:36 PM EDT)
The U.S. Supreme Court made it easier to challenge patents for failing to introduce genuine innovations, siding with Intel Corp. and Cisco Systems Inc. and dealing a setback to the drug and biotechnology industries.

OpenLogic Announces Free Software to Inventory Installed Open Source Software

OpenLogic Discovery helps enterprises gain visibility into installed open source software across multiple platforms

Canonical and Savoir-Faire Linux Partner to Deliver Ubuntu Certified Professional Training in Canada

Canonical Ltd, the commercial sponsor of Ubuntu, today announced it has signed an agreement with Savoir-Faire to deliver 'Ubuntu Certified Professional' (UCP) training in Canada. Savoir-Faire will deliver official courses in Montreal, Quebec and Ottawa-Gatineau from May 2007.

MS Office 2007 versus Open Office 2.2 shootout

After yesterday's blog about the relevance of feature bloat, I figured that I would follow up with some quantitative analysis on the performance characteristics to measure resource bloat. This isn't the first time I've measured Office CPU and memory consumption of Microsoft Office and Open Office. I have a whole series on it dating back to 2005. This time, I'm pitting Microsoft-backed OOXML (Office Open XML) versus the OASIS-backed ODF (OpenDocument) format with Microsoft Office 2007 and Open Office 2.2.

PCLinuxOS Magazine May 2007 Issue 9 Released

It is my privilege to announce on behalf of the team members of the PCLinuxOS Magazine Project sponsored by, the May 2007 issue (#9)  is available for download!

Some highlights include:

  1. KDE User Guide Part 2
  2. Scroogle and Konqueror Integration
  3. Top Ten Reasons for Using Linux
  4. Linux in Education
  5. Using Settings from a Previous Linux Install
  6. As always, much more

Download May 2007 Issue 9

Mirror Download May 2007 Issue 9

Low-Fi Version

WorldVistA EHR VOE/ 1.0 Achieves CCHIT Certification

According tothis announcement, WorldVistA EHR/VOE 1.0 is now CCHIT certified. Formerly VistA Office EHR (VOE) there has been a name change due to entanglements. It is now known as WorldVistA EHR.

Custom Charts with Perl and GD

This article describes techniques you can use to create new levels of usefulness in your dynamically generated charts with Perl and GD.

Make Gmail better

  •; By Joe 'Zonker' Brockmeier (Posted by Scott_Ruecker on Apr 30, 2007 5:26 PM EDT)
  • Story Type: News Story
Many people have embraced Google's Gmail service due to its slick interface and ample storage -- but like any application, Gmail leaves a few things to be desired. To trick Gmail out to your specifications, take a look at Lifehacker's Better Gmail, a Firefox extension that brings all sorts of extra goodness to Gmail.

Making Debian sexy again: Sam Hocevar speaks

How many developers run for the post of leader of the Debian GNU/Linux project and cite as part of their platform a desire to make Debian sexy again? None that I know of - except Sam Hocevar who won the recent election for leader of the project.

MySQL and Google approach code deal

Google and MySQL are close to finalizing a deal that could find the open-source database vendor incorporating powerful features created by the search giant into future versions of the popular database. Google is widely believed to be the largest MySQL user in the world, with hundreds or even thousands of MySQL servers running in data centers around the world.

Mad Dog 21/21: Hearts and Minds

In 1991, Richard Stallman's great project, the GNU operating system, was made whole when Linus Torvalds developed the kernel, Linux, that it had lacked. The next year, there was a marriage. Today, GNU/Linux is arguably the most popular server operating system, and the GPL is the dominant license for revealed source code software.

EMC to support Oracle Unbreakable Linux program

The EMC E-Lab, together with Oracle engineering, has tested and qualified Oracle Enterprise Linux on core EMC platforms and software products to help ensure ease of deployment and use. EMC Corporation and Oracle today announced several key areas of joint support as part of the Oracle Unbreakable Linux program.

Does WINE + Linux support more Windows apps than Vista?

why couldn’t a billion dollar company provide support for previous versions of Windows? so that users would be forced to use Vista?! and oh not everyone would be able to do so since you would need at least 1GB of ram and a graphics card that supports directx 10 to run it!

First interview: Sam Hocevar, new Debian Project Leader

Sam Hocevar recently became the next Debian Project Leader (DPL), defeating seven other candidates while running on a platform that emphasized ways to improve how project members interact. Hocevar's election comes at a time when Debian may be losing mindshare among both users and developers to Ubuntu, and looking for ways to improve its efficiencies and to mend internal divisions. Recently, discussed these challenges with Hocevar via email in his first interview since his election.

Sexual Threats Stifle Some Female Bloggers

As women gain visibility in the blogosphere, they are targets of sexual harassment and threats. Men are harassed too, and lack of civility is an abiding problem on the Web. But women, who make up about half the online community, are singled out in more starkly sexually threatening terms - a trend that was first evident in chat rooms in the early 1990s and is now moving to the blogosphere, said experts and bloggers.

[Not Linux related, but probably of interest after Carla's recent articles — Sander]

SIXAXIS, Linux, robot... we're in.

Yeah, Wiimotes aren't the only motion-sensing game controllers that can be hacked for fruitless new uses. Take the new SIXAXIS Linux integration project, which, so far as we can tell, is an incredibly effective means for maneuvering small, custom robots in need of a good 3D controller for manipulating, um, a small flat plane.

How To Utilize Your New Multimedia Keyboard Under Linux

Xbindkeys is a program that allows you to launch shell commands with your keyboard or your mouse under X Window. It links commands to keys or mouse buttons, using its configuration file. It does not depend on the window manager and can capture all keyboard keys.

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