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Get to Know NetBSD

NetBSD runs on more hardware platforms than any other UNIX derivative due to smart design decisions and a commitment to portable code. For porting an operating system to a proprietary embedded system or looking for stability and compatibility across hardware platforms in the lab, the smart choice is NetBSD. In addition, learn why its open license is a compelling alternative to Linux and the GNU Public License.

New report says support needs of enterprise users changing

According to a report released last week by The 451 Group, enterprise users aren't as concerned with a stack provider's ability to provide exclusive support for their products as previously thought. The report, "Stack and Deliver," suggests that stack providers -- companies that offer pre-assembled sets (stacks) of commonly used open source software components and services -- should focus more on the quality of support, not just its delivery method.

Review: Rockbox - The Open Source Jukebox Firmware

Rockbox is a replacement firmware for various audio players, that opens up new features and fixes devices shortcomings. We don't think of these devices as personal computers, but they are; and Rockbox is an alternative operating system. This review focuses on Rockbox as a replacement "OS" for the iRiver player.

[There is a big M$ ad right in the middle of the page but it is a decent article about Rockbox. - Scott]

Another look at Mot's Linux-powered Rokr E2 cellphone

OSNews has published a detailed review of the Linux-powered Motorola Rokr E2 music phone. The review, by Eugenia Loli-Queru, takes a balanced look at both the hardware and the software, and identifies a number of the device's strengths and weaknesses.

In pursuit of code quality: JUnit 4 vs. TestNG

  • IBM/developerworks; By Andrew Glover (Posted by solrac on Sep 1, 2006 10:07 PM EDT)
  • Story Type: News Story; Groups: IBM
With its new, annotations-based framework, JUnit 4 has embraced some of the best features of TestNG, but does that mean it's rendered TestNG obsolete? This article considers what's unique about each framework and reveals three high-level testing features you'll still find only in TestNG.

Open Source in Global Software: Market Impact, Disruption, and Business Models

This IDC study explores the issues raised by the open source software phenomenon and comes to some surprisingly different conclusions. We first look at the evidence of the growing role of open source among global software developers and find that the phenomenon has spread way beyond Linux, the poster child of the open source movement, and is gaining momentum. We then provide the first estimate of the economic impact of open source on the industry — how much is open source "taxing" the industry anyway?

Linux Gazette #130 is out!

Linux Gazette...making Linux just a little more fun!

AJAX Interoperability Demo for WS-RT/WS-RP

  • IBM/alphaworks (Posted by bex84 on Sep 1, 2006 7:00 PM EDT)
  • Story Type: News Story; Groups: IBM
This free interoperability demo introduces users to the simplicity with which the newly converged specifications and existent OASIS specification standards will be able to interoperate with each other.

Turning the world I-side out

While huge progress has been made toward"user-centric" identity, I still have problems with"user-centric" anything. The point-of-view is still outside the user. It's still organizational, corporate. If you're"centric" about users, where are you? Right, outside the user. And inside something that's, well, not quite human. Or worse, that's super-human. Not a peer, but a superior.Think about it: Areyou"user-centric"?

Maintainer's resignation highlights problems in Debian project

The resignation of Matthew Garrett, one of the most active developers in Debian, has drawn attention to some ongoing issues about how the project operates. Specifically, Garrett's announcement on his blog cites a lack of civility and a slowness in decision-making, and compares Debian unfavorably to Ubuntu, the Debian-derived distribution which is increasingly attracting the efforts of many Debian maintainers.

Boost Your Geronimo Security with SSL and HTTPS

  • IBM/developerWorks; By Duane O'Brien (Posted by IdaAshley on Sep 1, 2006 4:34 PM EDT)
  • Story Type: News Story; Groups: IBM
When it's time to pass around sensitive or private data in Web application development, you soon realize the need for encrypting that data. This is where Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) to protect your applications becomes very useful. In this tutorial get help navigating the tricky waters of application-to-application encryption, and learn how to configure Apache Geronimo 1.1 and 1.0 with SSL and test the SSL with the Geronimo Hello World application.

Setting up a Condor cluster

Have you ever been in a situation where you had to run multiple instances of the same application, with different input data each time, in sequence, because the job was too computation-intensive and your machine not powerful enough to run all the instances simultaneously? The solution to that problem could be to harness the machines that are already connected to your local network and apply their unused CPU cycles to your projects. Condor, a specialized batch system for managing compute-intensive jobs, may be your answer.

Release-critical Bugreport for September 1, 2006

Sony Ericsson Joins Open Source Community

Sony Ericsson announced that it is joining the Eclipse community as Add-in Provider Member. By becoming an Add-in Provider, Sony Ericsson aims to contribute to the Eclipse ecosystem through creating Eclipse plug-ins of benefit to the global mobile application developer community.

PCLinuxOS Magazine September 2006 Initial Issue Release!

It is my privilege to announce on behalf of the team members of the PCLinuxOS Magazine Project sponsored by, the September 2006 introductory issue is available for download! We've put a lot of effort into producing a quality magazine made for the community, by the community.

Stallman on draft 2 of GPLv3

A transcript is now online from RMS's recent presentation of the changes in the second draft of GNU GPL version 3. The focuses are on DRM, patents, internationalisation, enforcement, and licence compatibility.

Bergen postpones desktop Linux migration

Bergen City Council in Norway has hit back at reports that it has abandoned its flagship Linux migration project, branding them "exaggerated" and insisting it has completed plans to move many of its servers over to Linux. However, the council did admit that it was postponing plans to migrate 12,000 desktops to Linux claiming it had other investment priorities.

Open Source Apps Broadening the Human Resources World

Software is ultimately composed of congealed ideas, so ideas are very important in the minds of software developers. The key to market power in the software industry lies in the minds of developers. Fashion plays a role too; some ideas are fashionable and some are not. The idea, or philosophy, of open source is powerful, frictionless, and seductive.

IBM maps the future with ODIS

In broad terms there are three key elements to consider in the development of any new application – or any new product, for that matter. The obvious one, certainly from a software point of view, is the technology to be used – the language, the target platform and operating system, and the rest.

Another way of tackling integration

Of course, there are a variety of different types of integration and there are a range of different things that you can do with data integration. I am not here to suggest that there is another way of tackling data integration in general. However, there are specific aspects of data integration (and in this context I am talking specifically about the data movement aspects of integration) where there may be an alternative that is worth considering.

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