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WOS4: The Creative Anti-Commons and the Poverty of Networks

The dominant themes of this year's conference are centred around the work of Lawrence Lessig and his many collaborators in the Creative Commons family of resources and projects, and Yochai Benkler's ideas relating to "commons-based peer-production" or "Social Production" as expressed in his book "The Wealth of Networks."

Open source PBX calls on telecoms

  • ZDNet Asia Technology Insights; By Aaron Tan (Posted by dcparris on Sep 17, 2006 6:45 PM EDT)
  • Story Type: News Story; Groups: GNU, Linux
The Asterisk open-source platform touts increased flexibility that proprietary products cannot offer, allowing users to integrate their own applications.

Freegeek: Hands on Open Source

An all volenteer organization in Portland Oregon that recycles and rebuilds computers. You can build your own and then keep on building them for others. Very Cool, I wish we had one in Phoenix.

KDE Commit-Digest for 17th September 2006

Amarok gets the roots of support for the Magnatune music store. Work begins on a LiveUI Designer application. Mass import of KBoard code, a lightweight canvas intended for games. Work on supporting the XML Paper Specification format in Okular. Support for multiple galleries in Kipi plugins, used by Digikam and KPhotoAlbum. Support for compressed Scalable Vector Graphics (SVGZ) in kdelibs. Solid gets Network Management and CPU Monitoring capabilities. Continued improvements in KArchiver.

Devices provide a fertile new ground for Linux

Linux is finding success in much smaller devices than the servers and workstations that have traditionally been its mainstays. For embedded systems developers, the advantage of Linux over proprietary OSes lies as much in its flexibility and openness as in its low cost.

Mandriva Linux 2007 Release Candidate 2 "Sunna"

This is probably the last chance to test and help Mandriva Linux 2007 before its final release.

Final report from the internationalisation team meeting in Extremadura

The first Debian internationalisation meeting occurred from September 7th 2006 to September 9th 2006 in Casar de Caceres, Extremadura, Spain.

*.buntu 6.10 Knot 3 Screenshot Tours

DistroWatch reports - Common to all variants, we have changed the init system from the venerable sysvinit to upstart which is an event-driven init script system. In addition, all derivatives have new artwork, both for usplash as well as for login managers and default backgrounds. In Ubuntu, GNOME has been updated to 2.16.0. In Kubuntu, Konversation 1.0 has been included. For Xubuntu, the XFce core applications have been upgraded to 4.4 release candidate 1. Chris from OSDir has a nice selection of Ubuntu 6.10 Knot 3/Variants in the *.buntu 6.10 Knot 3 Screenshot Tours.

Rob Levin -- aka lilo -- killed in traffic accident

On the 12th September Rob Levin, known to many as Freenode's lilo, was hit by a car while riding his bike. He suffered head injuries and was in a coma. Rob was being treated at the Neuro Trauma Intensive Care Unit at a local hospital in Houston, Texas where he passed away on Sept 16th.

Develop Java EE app on Apache Geronimo with Spring

This article provides information about the Spring Framework modules and how they relate to developing Java EE applications on Geronimo.

Fedora Core 6 Test 3 Screenshot Tour

DistroWatch reports - Notable Features of Fedora Core 6: support for installation from multiple repositories at install-time; GNOME 2.16.0; KDE 3.5.3; an improved look and feel for various non-English languages; new desktop eye candy provided by the Compiz window manager using AIGLX; notification of available software updates via notification bubbles; improved start-up performance of applications; improved speed of various package management utilities; further improvements in the Xen virtualization technology... Chris from OSDir has some great shots of Fedora Core 6 Test 3 in the Fedora Core 6 Test 3 Screenshot Tour.

The Linux Gamers' Game List

A list of 209 free and awesome games to kill time on your Linux-driven machine with links to download them.

Update: Software Upgrades Available directly from Segway

Segway Inc. of Bedford, N.H., announced a voluntary recall this week of all Segway units after reports that a software glitch can cause riders to fall off. We can upgrade any unit for any Segway customer, whether they purchased their Segway from us or not. In response, Segway of Oakland is offering free, speedy software upgrades at its Bay Area showroom, eliminating the time and hassle of sending units to New Hampshire to have the same upgrade performed.

New virus worth $80bn to EC economies

In my most conservative estimate, it will infect about sixty million PC's in Europe over the next three months. That is twice as much as Vista in a quarter of the time. That will generate $80 billion in the EC due to "cascading economic benefits" from increased employment and taxes, creating a stronger economic base. That's not bad for one night work, isn't it, Mr. Beez?

Didn’t God say “...and the geeks shall inherit the earth”?

  • Free Software Magazine; By Bridget Kulakauskas (Posted by Scott_Ruecker on Sep 17, 2006 6:11 AM EDT)
  • Story Type: News Story
Okay kids, gather ’round, I’m going to reminisce. When I was about six, I had what is classed as well developed literacy skills—I could write some words, I could read books about Jenny and Jack on the swing, that sort of thing. My parents bought a mac and we thought we were the height of sophistication. (That was in 1986, BTW.) But to me, it was like a magic box that was used on special occasions, and it was a grownup thing. I mean, I only used the phone on special occasions!

How To Combat Viruses Using Your Postfix Configuration

  • HowtoForge (Posted by falko on Sep 17, 2006 5:14 AM EDT)
  • Story Type: Tutorial; Groups: Debian
In this guide you will learn how to tweak your Postfix/Amavisd setup to give better virus protection. If you want to achieve business grade virus protection you need to do a few small things so that there is less chance of the latest greatest script kiddie invention getting through. Therefore this tutorial shows how to install and use ClamAV, F-Prot, and McAfee UVScan.

Software Freedom Day - Charlotte Pics

LXer Feature: 17-Sep-2006

Here are the pics for Software Freedom Day - Charlotte. We held our event yesterday afternoon at the Cone Center at the University of North Carolina - Charlotte. Enjoy!

Web Hosting Provider Verizon Business Expands Managed Hosting ...

September 17, 2006 – (HOSTSEARCH.COM) – Web hosting provider Verizon Business has expanded its managed hosting capabilities, it was announced recently. The company’s managed hosting now supports five of the world's most widely deployed computer operating systems – Microsoft Windows Server, Red Hat Enterprise Linux and Sun Solaris systems alongside IBM's AIX and Hewlett-Packard's UX.

Dr. Garth Gibson to Lead Petascale Data Storage Institute

  • PR Newswire; By Press release (Posted by dcparris on Sep 17, 2006 2:22 AM EDT)
  • Story Type: Press Release
Panasas CTO/CMU Associate Professor Gibson to Serve as Lead Principle Investigator in DOE-Sponsored Project

Beginning Google Maps Applications with PHP and Ajax

  • All about Linux; By Ravi (Posted by dsTst on Sep 17, 2006 1:23 AM EDT)
  • Story Type: Reviews; Groups: Community
This is an elaborate review of a very good book on Google Maps and how one can use the Google Map API to integrate interactive maps with ones personal websites. For the uninitiated, Google Maps mashes up satellite telemetric data with the maps and displays it in a web browser allowing a wide degree of user interaction.

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