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Palmsource for Open Source

The Open Source Development Labs (OSDL), a global consortium comprising over 70 of the world's largest Linux customers, has announced the formation of the Mobile Linux Initiative (MLI), a new working group dedicated to accelerating the adoption of Linux, in a rapidly-growing mobile market.

PalmSource has joined the MLI, and as founding member, PalmSource will be expected to work with other OSDL members and the development community, to advance use of Linux in mobile devices. The company had announced last year, that it would build its new applications' framework on, and port its Palm OS platform to run on Linux.

Stopping Linux desktop adoption sabotage, part two

  • Search Enterprise Linux; By John H. Terpstra (Posted by tadelste on Oct 18, 2005 8:42 AM EDT)
  • Story Type: News Story
The open source software (OSS) movement started as a result of dissatisfaction with the proprietary software world. It is a global initiative that is correcting a seriously broken system in which vendors are taking undue advantage of consumers and depriving the consumer of choice.

Stopping Linux desktop adoption sabotage, part one

  • Search Enterprise Linux; By John H. Terpstra (Posted by tadelste on Oct 18, 2005 8:41 AM EDT)
  • Groups: Microsoft; Story Type: News Story
Many IT professionals ask me when Linux will finally "make it" on the desktop. How will they know when Linux has made it? What's holding it back? In what ways is Microsoft working behind the scenes to inhibit the adoption of Linux desktops?

Motorola and Palm sign up for Linux on mobiles

Motorola and PalmSource have signed up to efforts to put Linux on mobile phones.

The Mobile Linux Initiative has been launched by Open Source Development Labs (OSDL) to tackle technical challenges and support the adoption of Linux on handheld devices.

Does Open-Source Software Make The FCC Irrelevant?

(Eben Moglen) A polymath who wrote code for IBM (nyse: IBM - news - people ) in the 1970s while he was earning a law degree and a Ph.D in history at Yale, Moglen enjoys using the tools of capitalism against itself. He’s wrung significant concessions out of software companies without filing a suit, including forcing Cisco Systems (nasdaq: CSCO - news - people ) to “open up” the code in Linksys routers soon after it bought the company for $500 million in 2003.

“I was always able to begin that phone call with the magic words “I don’t want money,’” Moglen says, chuckling. “I only want you to play by the rules.”

Cruising the Kernel with Andrew, Ted and the Gang, Part I

The ship may not win any interior design awards, but the latest Geek Cruise made up for that with smart minds giving great talks--both on the schedule and off.

Berlind: Anatomy of a Deaf Monopolist

Microsoft: what part of the word 'open' do you not understand?

From Sam's PlexNex Blog

Sam Hiser is the former Marketing Lead for and has worked with the OpenDocument Format (ODF) teams in gaining acceptance globally.

GOSCON debates open source RFPs

  • NewsForge (Posted by dave on Oct 18, 2005 7:30 AM EDT)
  • Story Type: News Story
Attendees of the first ever Government Open Source Conference (GOSCON) in Portland, Ore., last week heard about how the thinking and approach of government agencies must change to gain the cost-savings and other advantages of open source software. The event, which drew more than 200 open source business people, government officials, and consultants, also featured debate on whether open source software communities and businesses, too, must change their thinking and approach to gain the benefits of government business.

A Standardized Linux Desktop?

Standardized Linux desktop components are needed in order for the Linux desktop to achieve widespread adoption, according to the Free Standards Group (FSG).

The popular GNOME (define) and KDE (define) environments are among the more popular Linux desktops, as well as up and comers like the Xfce environment. Though efforts are underway to help create some compatibility between the various desktops, to date there has not been a standards body effort to create a Linux desktop standard.

To that end, the FSG is spearheading an initiative called The Linux Standard Base Desktop Project with the aim of standardizing core pieces of the Linux desktop. The effort has already gained support from a who's who of Linux industry vendors, including Red Hat, Novell, IBM, HP, Intel and Adobe.

IT leaders launch Linux desktop standards project

The Free Standards Group and its Linux Standard Base work group Tuesday announced the formation of the Linux Standard Base Desktop Project, with the support of Adobe Systems Inc., Intel Corp., IBM, Hewlett-Packard Co., Linspire Inc., Mandriva SA, Novell Inc., RealNetworks Inc., Red Hat Inc., Trolltech, Xandros Inc., and others.

The LSB (Linux Standard Base) Desktop Project's goal is to standardize common libraries and application behavior so as to make it easier for ISVs (independent software vendors) to write Linux desktop programs.

World's first Linux based communications recorder now in the UAE

The Marathon series from ASC is the world's first Linux based communications recorder providing reliability and open source flexibility rarely found elsewhere. The feature rich series is an offering from a vendor who has its presence in more than 60 countries and forty years of experience. Designed to work with most telephone systems in use in the UAE, the range is customizable to the highest degree for use in any critical operation.

Free Standards Group launches Linux Standard Base Desktop Project

The Free Standards Group (FSG) announced the Linux Standard Base (LSB) Desktop Project today. The goal of the project is to spur widespread adoption of Linux on the desktop by providing a standard application runtime for vendors to target when writing applications for the Linux desktop. Participating in the project are Adobe, Intel, IBM, Novell, Red Hat, Linspire, Trolltech, and several other companies and organizations.

More Than 60 Leading Independent Software Vendors Back VMware Virtual Infrastructure

  • PR Newswire; By Press release (Posted by tadelste on Oct 18, 2005 5:25 AM EDT)
  • Story Type: Press Release
Broad Vendor Support and Integrations Enable More Than 10,000 Enterprise Customers to Run Business-Critical Server Applications and Platforms in VMware Virtual Infrastructure Environments

Developers are finding platform lines blurring

As cross-platform development grows, programmers are turning toward open source tools that are not tied to a single platform. Even Windows development is drifting toward open source, as more .Net developers look to tools such as Mono and PHP to develop software for the Microsoft platform.

VMware upgrades data center software, ambitions

Beta tests begin on ESX Server 3 and VirtualCenter 2, two products aimed to advance the virtualization trend.

Sybase SA excels at Redhat training

The South African trainer beat 250 other EMEA partners to claim the top spot at the Redhat Linux conference.

Klax KDE 3.5 Beta 2 Screenshot Tour

  •; By staff writer, (Posted by VISITOR on Oct 18, 2005 3:02 AM EDT)
  • Groups: KDE
OSDir's has got one of their slide shows of "Klax" KDE 3.5 Beta 2.

New Ubuntu Release Works in a Crisis

  • LinuxDevCenter; By Tom Adelstein (Posted by tadelste on Oct 18, 2005 2:34 AM EDT)
  • Groups: Ubuntu; Story Type: News Story
In a tight spot? Ubuntu can bail you out.

Free software developers work together at UWC

  • Tectonic; By Staff Writer, (Posted by ralph on Oct 18, 2005 2:05 AM EDT)
  • Story Type: News Story
Free Software developers from Africa are gathered at the University of the Western Cape this week for the second African Virtual Open Initiatives and Resources (AVOIR) developers workshop. The developers, which come from 13 collaborating African universities, are meeting at the university to work on the AVOIR project and its core applications the KINKY application framework and the KEWL.NextGen e-learning platform.

Xensource Vs. VMware War Imminent

  • CRN; By Paula Rooney (Posted by bstadil on Oct 18, 2005 1:36 AM EDT)
The imminent launch of XenSource's first commercial open source solutions will kick off commoditization in the virtualization software market and threaten VMware's bread-and-butter revenues, observers predict. For Xensource, the Xen virtualization engine is a free platform service on which other value-added solutions can be built.

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