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Open source legal expert gives ODF patent thumbs-up

Open source legal expert Eben Moglen's Software Freedom Law Center has given the OpenDocument Format its stamp of approval, declaring the office productivity format free from legal encumbrances.

Two Linux PCs Power 12-Station Internet Café

HP, Blueloop And Omni demonstrate how up to 10 users can share a single linux desktop computer.

Sybase, IBM Set Transaction Processing Record for Linux

This new record beats the previous 2-core HP/Itanium2 and Oracle 10g performance record for Linux by 58 percent. It also beats the previous 2-core HP/Opteron and Microsoft SQL Server performance record and is less expensive by 23 percent.

Goliath strikes back, or: Conroe beats them all

It took some years - which is normal in the development of new architectures, but very slow until the market (read: big guys like Dell, or the stock exchange) reacted and accepted the fact that AMD had a clear winner, at least in the server and game PC areas.

Jitterbit Open Source Integration on's AppExchange

Jitterbit, Inc. and, an on-demand business services, announced that Jitterbit's open source integration suite is now available through's AppExchange and can integrate directly with Salesforce implementations.

Instant help with

An innovative expert help service is turning heads in cyberspace. Richard Frank caught up with Capetonian co-founder, Helmar Rudolph.

Vpslink Launches Gentoo Linux VPS Hosting Plans

VPSLink, of, today announced the addition of Gentoo Linux to its VPS product line. Gentoo is now available on all VPSLink hosting plans as a Stage 3 Install. VPSLink is committed to providing cutting edge technology at ultra-competitive prices.

Smart Package Manager: a better mousetrap

The Smart Package Manager hopes to beat the native package management applications for distributions like Red Hat, SUSE, and Debian at their own game. Still in beta, it has support for most major GNU/Linux package and repository formats, with a modular codebase that hints at further compatibility. Smart introduces many innovative and useful ideas, but its killer feature, with which it purports to excel beyond its counterparts, is the algorithms it uses to select packages and versions that best resolve dependencies and ensure cooperation between the hundreds of applications and libraries on a user's system.

AMD Germany to hire Linux developers

The AMD outlet in Dresden, Germany, is aggressively advertising its search for experienced Linux knowledge workers.

Scheduled Mozilla Server Downtime This Saturday

Due to maintenance, many Mozilla Foundation and Mozilla Corporation servers will be offline for much of tomorrow.

[Oops. That's today. Sorry for getting this out late. -- grouch]

Repairing ReiserFS file system with reiserfsck

This article shows how to recover from damaged ReiserFS filesystem. Linux comes with different filesystems and different repair utilities. With the help of GNU 'ddrescue' program one can copy data from one file or block device to another, it is a tool to help you to save data from crashed partition. reiserfsck program provides special options for repairing and recovering partition.

Reiserfsck searches for a Reiserfs filesystem on a device, replays any necessary transactions, and either checks or repairs the file system. ReiserFS saves data or log in a special file for pending disk updates and later on it commit updates to disk resulting into very good filesystem consistency.

Intel fires 1,000 managers

What a contrast to the usual behaviour of sacking the workers! As the giant told the Sacramento Business Journal, it will “release” these 1,000 suits on July 28.

Neighbour's Pride: Red Hat Reaches Bangladesh

Indian neighbourhood now wears the red cap.

Mysql to Draw Curtain on Older Databases

MySQL has published its first "end of life" timetable for its open-source database and will no longer provide free updates for some older versions of the product starting next month, it said this week.

Linux Networx Highlights LS Supersystems Success

Linux Networx has announced that its LS Series of Linux Supersystems has received market acceptance and growth. Key customer installations include Ansaldo, ATK Inc., DaimlerChrysler AG, Esteco, L-3 Communications, MAGMA, MobotecUSA, Motorola, NASA Glenn Research Center, NPU, South Africa's PBMR, Technocast, the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia, CNR and the University of Pavia and Weinman GeoSciences.

Host Your Own Domain and Webserver using Apache

Doesn't sound like anything new right? Well, some people may not know of this method. To host your own webpage you don't need to spend 7 bucks for a domain. You don't need to get a hosting plan. You absolutely do not need to get domain name services through a provider. You can even host your own webserver using a dialup connection (that's right...I said dialup) although I don't recommend it (but I've done it using 56.6kbps).

Friday Game Review - Endgame:Singularity

  • PCBurn; By Chris Bergeron (Posted by Inhibit on Jul 14, 2006 6:46 PM EDT)
  • Story Type: Reviews
This Friday we've got a look at one of last years PyWeek contestants, Endgame:Singularity. Play the roll of an A.I. that's just gained sentience and needs to hide itself from detection. Try to make it off the Earth and discover a way to keep humans from finding and destroying your newly discoverd self!

Packet Sniffing Overview

  • - Feature Stories; By Suhas A Desai (Posted by grouch on Jul 14, 2006 6:13 PM EDT)
  • Story Type: Tutorial; Groups: Community, GNU
A packet sniffer is a program which monitors network traffic which passes through your computer. A packet sniffer which runs on your PC connected to the internet using a modem, can tell you your current IP address as well as the IP addresses of the web servers whose sites you are visiting.

Real-life Gundam robot runs on Linux

Japan's National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (ASIT) has just unleashed the latest in a long line of bipedal robots to come out of the R&D labs of this country.

Many Levels of Security

The National Security Agency and the Air Force Research Laboratory are working in a joint initiative with software vendors, defense contractors and academia to develop products based on a highly secure information architecture known as Multiple Independent Levels of Security.

[It mentions CC EAL 6+, which caused me to go back and look at David A. Wheeler's High Assurance and FLOSS. Combining the two has my head spinning. -- grouch]

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