Mozilla Links Newsletter - 11 - January 20, 2004

Posted by dave on Jan 21, 2004 8:33 AM EDT
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Mozilla Links - English Edition
Issue # 11 - January 20, 2004

Welcome back to Mozilla Links!

After last year holidays many of us are still just speeding up to usual activity, and Mozilla 1.6 is here just in time to help. Featuring NTLM authentication in all supported platforms, vCard (virtual business cards) support for Mail and the return of translation functionality, among other improvements.

Try it here:

We would like to know what topics you'd like to see featured in Mozilla Links in the future. So this issue's poll asks exactly for that. If you choose other topics, please drop as a line to let us know your preferences.

As always, your comments are very much appreciated. Please send them to

Percy Cabello
Mozilla Links

In this issue:

    • StumbleUpon
    • Managing Several Identities in Websites
    • Tuning Download Limits

    • Mozilla 1.6 Released
    • Roadmap Update: Mozilla Application Suite will be Sustained
    • Mozilla Foundation Employees Interviewed on Las Vegas Radio
    • Oracle Applications to Support Mozilla as a Client
    • Mike Pinkerton Issues Update on the State of Camino


    • Project of the Week: ConQuery
    • Independent Status Report



Featured Extension: StumbleUpon

StumbleUpon is an extension that allows any user to rate any site he or she is visiting. Once rates are accumulated StumbleUpon is able to make suggestions about website that may be of interest based on your own preferences and other users' suggestions.

The extension will add a toolbar to your Mozilla browser with simple buttons you use for rating and asking for suggestions.

Try it here:


Mozilla Links Tip: Managing Several Identities in Websites (contributed by

If you have more than one username & password for the same website, and are using Mozilla's Password Manager to store and fill in your login information, it is quite easy to make it remember several logins for the same website:

Assuming that you have already set up Password Manager to remember your first login for a particular website:

  • Open the login page in Mozilla
  • Mozilla will now fill in the stored username & password for this website.
  • Overwrite the username & password with the information for your second login.
  • Click on the login button of the website.
  • Mozilla now asks if you would like to remember this information.

  • Click on Yes.

From now on, Mozilla will display a selection box when you return to this login page and you can select which login information you would like to use. You can have it remember as many usernames and passwords per website as you would like. Just repeat the above steps for each login.



Mozilla Links PowerTip: Tuning Download Limits (contributed by

Some people have noticed that they cannot have more than 4 downloads simultaneously. They can start more than 4, but Mozilla will wait until one of the first 4 is finished before it begins downloading the next. It almost seems as if it is hanging or waiting. Here is how to change this:

  • Enter "about:config" in the location bar
  • Change the setting for "network.http.max-persistent-connections-per-server" (default =2)

  • Change the setting for "network.http.max-persistent-connections-per-proxy" (default =4)
  • Change the setting for "network.http.max-connections-per-server" (default=8)
  • Change the setting for "network.http.max-connections" (default=24)

The first two are the ones that prevent opening more than four downloads simultaneously. However, the default values are adequate for most download activities and also ensure that users don't hog too much bandwidth from a single source. So it is suggested to change these defaults responsibly.



Need more tips? Try the TipBar Extension to get the Tip of the Day in Mozilla Firebird. Grab it at

You can also visit for more fun tips for your favorite browser.

Have a Tip or a PowerTip? Let other users know about it by sending it to .


(contributed by MozillaZine, your source for Mozilla news and advocacy.

Mozilla 1.6 Released

The Mozilla Foundation has released Mozilla 1.6, the first new milestone of the year. This latest version features several Mail & Newsgroups improvements, including vCard support, a preference to remove mail from a POP server after x days, a setting that places the user's signature above the quoted text when replying to a message and optional separate Recipient and Sender columns in the thread pane. In addition, NTLM authentication is now supported on all platforms, the automatic page translation function has been restored and several stability and security bugs have been fixed. The Gecko rendering engine has received a lot of attention in this release cycle, leading to improvements in standards compliance and faster page load times than ever before.

Mozilla 1.6 Release Notes:

Download Mozilla 1.6:

Full story:

Roadmap Update: Mozilla Application Suite will be Sustained

Brendan Eich has updated the Mozilla Development Roadmap, adding a note that the Mozilla Foundation has no plans to retire the Mozilla Application Suite in the near future and will continue to release updates to the program, also known as SeaMonkey. This means that users of the Mozilla Application Suite will continue to benefit from changes made to core components such as the Gecko rendering engine and the Necko networking library. However, no major updates are planned for the frontend user interface, as the Foundation still wants to focus innovation in this area on the standalone applications, such as Mozilla Firebird and Mozilla Thunderbird. Sustaining the Mozilla Application Suite will benefit enterprises and other organisations that have standardised on Mozilla 1.x, as well as providing a smooth upgrade path for users of the discontinued Netscape browser and other derivatives of SeaMonkey. A major Roadmap overhaul, outlining the path to Mozilla 2.0 and the future of the open Web, is planned for later this month.

Mozilla Development Roadmap:

Newsgroup post about the revision: Link

Full story:

Mozilla Foundation Employees Interviewed on Las Vegas Radio

Several Mozilla Foundation employees were interviewed on the January 5th edition of 'Computer Outlook', a Las Vegas talk radio show broadcast on the local KLAV 1230am station and the Talk Radio Las Vegas network. In the show, Chris Hofmann, Ben Goodger and Scott MacGregor discuss several aspects of the Mozilla project with show host John Iasiuolo, including its history, advantages, licensing and cross-platform technology. An archived version of the hour-long 'Computer Outlook' show is available for listening online in streaming MP3 format.

'Computer Outlook' MP3 Stream:

Full story:

Oracle Applications to Support Mozilla as a Client

eWeek is reporting that Oracle plans to allow Mozilla to run Oracle applications. The move is part of the company's strategy to support Linux as a client as well a server. No timetable has been given for enabling Mozilla support, though Oracle says the operation is still in the early planning stages. The report quotes Mozilla Foundation President Mitchell Baker, who notes, "Oracle's support of Mozilla in Oracle products, such as Collaboration Suite, is an important element in enterprise adoption."

eWeek article:,4149,1439289,00.asp

Full story:

Mike Pinkerton Issues Update on the State of Camino

Mike Pinkerton has posted an update on the state of Camino on his weblog. In the entry, Mike reports on the new review process, describes some recent improvements and outlines the short-term priorities for the future.

Mike Pinkerton's Camino weblog posting:

Full story:


(contributed by Alex Bishop)

After over two years of preparation, the majority of the Mozilla codebase is to be relicensed under an MPL/GPL/LGPL tri-license. Developers will be able to choose whether they want to use the code under the terms of the Mozilla Public License, the General Public License or the Lesser General Public License.

Newsgroup posting about the relicensing:

The widely reported Status Bar URL spoofing vulnerability - which could be exploited by an attacker to create a link that goes to one address but appears as another in the Status Bar - has been fixed (bug 228176). The patch is included in Mozilla 1.6 and will be in the forthcoming Mozilla 1.4.2.

By default, the popular Apache Web server serves unrecognized files with a text/plain MIME type, which can lead to files such as videos appearing as plain text in the browser window. This should be less of a problem in future, as Mozilla now asks the user what to do when it encounters a file with a MIME type of either 'text/plain', 'text/plain; charset=ISO-8859-1' or 'text/plain; charset=iso-8859-1' (bug 220807).

Full status update:


(contributed by Brian King)

Project of the Week: ConQuery

This week sees a great tool with multiple purposes. It enables you to interact with web services and send data to web applications, for example to a blog or a translation service, with just a context click. ConQuery has many features including sending selected text to a search engine, seeing the host where a page comes from, and URL querying. The project has already in place a plugin architecture where you can write your own query plugins. There is compatibility with Mycroft plugins. HTTP POST/GET is supported and you can piece together individual queries with a specially designed configuration dialog.


Independent Status Reports

The independent status reports include news and updates from Mozilla application and extension projects hosted on and elsewhere in the Mozilla community.

The latest report was posted on January 18, 2004 and includes:

XUL Console - v1.2, an extension to ease XUL development work, now supports evaluation of XUL code from files located not only in the local file system, but also in Mozilla chrome directory (for unrestricted XPCOM access) and remote server (HTTP). Everything is running ahead of schedule. The new version should be out soon.

mozImage - v0.5, a simple image browser, has some key feature including a slide show, the ability to scale images to window size, and easy navigation through file system. It is now compatible with both Mozilla Browser and Mozilla Firebird.

Mycroft, providing search plugins for Mozilla and Firebird, has 300 new search plugins since September, now totaling 775. There is a top 10 of the most looked for search engines, a new category listing as well as an improved search algorithm.

MozPHP - version 0.1.3, which embeds the PHP interpreter in Mozilla, there is no need any more to assign MIME type text/php to extension .php. This is now done internally by the cfh protocol handler.

MozPython - version 0.1.0, which embeds the Python interpreter in Mozilla, allows you to execute Python scripts in Mozilla. Script output to sys.stdout is displayed in the browser window. It may, for example, be useful for you if you have written a Web application with Python CGI scripts.

Archangel - v0.5.0, enabling you to browse RGTP bulletin boards with Mozilla, is becoming useable as an RGTP client, however, and there are still many bugs. Support has been added for rgtp://... URLs (such as "rgtp://").

Forumzilla v0.4.5, an extension to Mozilla and Thunderbird for reading RSS feeds, has an added a "quick load" option that generates messages based on information in the feed file instead of downloading the story content; a link to the full story is provided; to use quick load for a feed, prepend a dollar sign ($) to its URL in subscriptions.txt.

MozManual - Final 1.0, an introduction to Mozilla; the project web pages are being modified to better support the translation efforts. See the project Notes page for details, and requests for translation help.

Mozilla-Delphi, resources for working with Mozilla in Borland Delphi and Kylix, has a new owner. A basic tutorial on using the Mozilla ActiveX Control is online and bridge classes for Mozilla's JavaScript engine will follow soon.

ConQuery - v0.8a, a context sensitive web query interface extention for Mz/Fb/Nc, has many new features including improved plugin parser performance, a HotMenu, plus a new variable [:linkurl] that holds the target of rightclicked link.

Xprint, an advanced printing system which enables X11 applications to use devices like printers, FAX or create documents in formats like PostScript, PDF, PCL, etc. The 009 gamma builds of Xprint include various fixes and TrueType/Opentype font support has now been enabled by default for Solaris and AIX. Also notable is PDF output is now available.

TipBar - v0.8.0, a Tip of the Day Extension, A complete rewrite sees access to the tipbar moved to the help menu, both local and remote databases for failover, and offline support.

Enigmail - v0.83.0, OpenPGP messages for Mozilla, the latest release has got a new user interface for message composing and other features and improvements for better convenience.

Read more about each of these projects in the full report at


On our last issue we asked where do you live, here are the results.

- Africa                            1% |
- Asia                              4% |] 
- Europe (Eastern)                 23% |]]]]]
- Europe (Western)                 37% |]]]]]]]
- Latin America and the Caribbean   3% |]
- Oceania                           6% |]  
- USA / Canada                     25% |]]]]]

We also asked which games you'd like to see developed for Mozilla in the future and here are the results:

- Sokoban                             8% |]]
- Frogger                            10% |]]
- Mario Bros.                        26% |]]]]]
- Donkey Kong                        12% |]]
- Moon Patrol                         6% |]
- Arkanoid                           14% |]]]
- Pong                                5% |]
- Board games like chess, checkers, 
  parcheese, backgammon, etc.        14% |]]]
- Other classic games                 5% |]

(*) Results may not sum up to 100% due to rounding.

This issue's poll: What topics would you like to see featured in future Mozilla Links issues? - Mastering the internet with Mozilla products - Deploying Mozilla products in the enterprise - Developing Mozilla applications - Inside the Mozilla Foundation - Inside mozillaZine, and other Mozilla websites - Other topics

Let your voice be counted at

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