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Posted by Jonquil on Sep 24, 2011 3:12 AM EDT
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I pay $7.95 a month for hosting a blog because I enjoy writing. I don’t profess to be a professional of any sort, much less a technical writer. I enjoy writing though so I take the time out from my busy/hectic work/school/home schedule to write about the new things I learn about Linux. Why Linux? Because it’s the operating system I’ve been using on my desktop for the past 6 years. I don’t always get everything right (after all, I AM NOT A TECHNICAL WRITER), but I like to think that I at least help some people ease the transition between Linux and Windows. I don’t write for system administrators but for the common public. With this in mind, I try to make things as easy as possible to understand. That may mean skipping over some technical details, but that’s ok. The new user doesn’t need to become a system administrator to run Linux on their desktop.

I have found during my writing experience though that a LOT of the Linux community is very rude and whiny. System administrators read my posts and critique them as if they were school assignments, usually with little respect shown towards the time and research it took to write them.

If I was really writing for the Linux community and not myself, I would quit just because the community obviously does not appreciate my input (or anyone’s input for that matter except their own). This isn’t just a trend I’ve noticed on my blog but on other people’s blogs as well. We bloggers just can’t please the Linux community unless we happen to be programmers, system administrators, technical writers, or the like.

The number one problem I see in Linux being adopted more on the desktop is the attitude of the community. When I first started with Linux 6 years ago the community was a lot different. People were helpful, friendly, respectful, and they didn’t treat me like I was a moron. Now I find the community is mostly filled with complainers and criticizers. There are times I ponder whether I should even bother answering comments or not. Or shut comments down completely.

Show some respect when you comment on someone’s blog. Remember they’re not doing it for you, and they’re not getting paid by you to do it. If the layout isn’t what you prefer so what? It’s not your blog. If they don’t say what you think they should say so what? Again, it’s not your blog. That’s not to say that suggestions are not welcome but it is to say those suggestions should be made respectfully and don’t be surprised/angry if your suggestions are taken with a grain of salt.

To those who do not like what I have to say, that’s fine. To those who do not like my layout, that’s fine too. Go spend the money to host your own blog and do whatever you like with it. Everyone is entitled to their own creative outlets. Stop trying to live through me.

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