Gentoo Weekly Newsletter - Volume 3, Issue 11

Posted by dave on Mar 15, 2004 5:33 PM EDT
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With the release of Gentoo Linux 2004.0 at the end of February, planning and work on release 2004.1 have already begun. The goals for this release include:

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--------------------------------------------------------------------------- Gentoo Weekly Newsletter This is the Gentoo Weekly Newsletter for the week of March 15th, 2004. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- =20

1. Gentoo News

=20 Release 2004.1 Information -------------------------- =20 With the release of Gentoo Linux 2004.0 at the end of February, planning=20 and work on release 2004.1 have already begun. The goals for this release= =20 include:=20 =20 * Clear and concise guidelines so that the release goes much more=20 smoothly and enjoyably.=20 * A better use of infrastructure by revamping the current way releases=20 are coordinated to be put on the mirrors.=20 * Catalyst enhancements and bugfixes.=20 * Better communication from releng to the arch release coordinators, and= =20 vice-a-versa.=20 * Internet-based GRP for Portage's binary download and install=20 functionality.=20 * Completion of all items on the 2004.1 Feature Request list.=20 =20 The 2004.1 Feature Request list[1] includes items like "emerge security"=20 functionality, which would integrate GLEPs into Portage so that=20 security-related updates can be installed, and a Bootable X GameCD for=20 Unreal Tournament 2004.

1.=20 xml =20 The tentative release date for 2004.1 is April 28, 2004. For more=20 information on release 2004.1 and other releases, see the Release=20 Engineering[2] page.=20

2. =20 =

2. Featured Developer of the Week =

=20 Caleb Tennis =20 Figure 2.1: Caleb Tennis =20 This week, we feature Caleb Tennis[3] (caleb), who works on maintaining=20 the KDE[4] and related ebuilds, including such things as Qt[5]. His main=20 tasks are ensuring that the KDE packages are up to date with the upstream= =20 versions, testing and debugging for various architectures, and the=20 ubiquitous dev task of troubleshooting and clearing bug reports -- a=20 daunting task with packages as complex and popular as KDE.=20

3. [] 4. 5. =20 Caleb began using various Unices in the early 1990s, and was introduced to= =20 Slackware Linux by our very own Corey Shields[6] in 1996. He has been=20 using Linux extensively in his job since 2001. Caleb's work includes=20 configuring and administrating a large number of custom workstations .=20 After struggling with package dependencies and install processes under Red= =20 Hat, he moved the computers to the source distro Linux From Scratch (LFS).= =20 This worked better but proved difficult to manage when multiple versions=20 of source packages and compile options were being used on various=20 computers. After some research, he settled on Gentoo as a solution that=20 would allow him to compile from source yet still have good package=20 management. He completed the migration of his workplace in early 2003.=20

6. [] =20 Caleb became a Gentoo dev when Dan Armak[7] put out a call for assistance= =20 on maintaining the KDE ebuilds. As Caleb puts it: "Since I use Gentoo and= =20 KDE at work, and have a vested interest in it continuing working, I=20 volunteered." In addition to his Gentoo work, Caleb was the release=20 co-ordinator for the 3.x release of KDevelop[8] as well as a contributor=20 of code or documentation to other KDE projects, including the comedi[9]=20 control and measurement device interface. Caleb frequently contributes=20 patches and bug fixes he encounters in his work and spends significant=20 time keeping Gentoo's KDE maintained as well as responding to forum=20 queries. He comments that this "is what the community is about".=20

7. [] 8. 9. =20 Caleb works for a small research and development company specializing in=20 diesel engine technology. Among his tasks at work was the development of a= =20 GUI-based data acquisition system that is used for dynamic control and=20 testing of engines. He also teaches classes in Linux Systems=20 Administration and Solid State Electronics at his local university. He=20 holds a BSc in Electrical Engineering, and is working on his Master's at=20 Purdue, focusing on Control Systems design. He is an avid mountain biker=20 and water skier, and plays piano. His time at such pursuits is somewhat=20 limited by a hectic work week, teaching night courses, and his own studies= =20 (not to mention an apparently patient girlfriend).=20 =20 Caleb took the opportunity to share some thoughts on Qt and KDE bug=20 reports: "Qt and KDE are two of the most compilation resource-intensive=20 sets of programs that an end user will install in Gentoo - due to the fact= =20 that they're written in C++. As such, many users experience build failures= =20 due to bugs in the C++ compiler or local hardware problems, and not due to= =20 anything related to KDE itself. The easiest fix, and one that works 90% of= =20 the time, is to simply use less aggressive compiler optimizations=20 (CFLAGS). Remember, Gentoo is all about customization, and gives the end=20 user a lot of freedom in how they do things - but in the end, we're all=20 still limited by the abilities of the software and the hardware. Sometimes= =20 the only way to make things work is to not push them to their limits. I=20 implore all users who have problems to go to the forums or IRC first, and= =20 file a bug report only after they don't find a solution." He was frank in= =20 admitting that "sometimes [he] breaks things", when attempting to keep=20 things current on such a complex set of packages, despite testing. But,=20 after all, he's both human and a volunteer. He concluded with his favorite= =20 quotation: "tact is for people who don't understand sarcasm".=20 =20

3. Gentoo Security

=20 No new security announcements were posted this week.=20 =20

4. Heard in the Community

=20 Web Forums ---------- =20 udev, Gentoo Style=20 =20 Gentoo Linux used to be one of the rare Linux distributions to adopt the=20 devfs device file system structure across the board. Naturally, since=20 devfs has been obsoleted for the 2.6 kernel series, Gentooists are=20 experiencing an above average level of confusion when it comes to=20 switching to udev. The fact that the latter is still somewhat a work in=20 progress leads to interesting results at times... Check the central "udev,= =20 now what?" thread at the forums, it has been going for three months=20 already, but hasn't lost any of its entertainment value:=20 =20 * Got udev working, now what?[10]=20 10.

gentoo-user ----------- =20 Gentoo in a distro shootout =20 One gentoo-user list member has decided to pick up the gauntlet and=20 support Gentoo in his local LUG "distro shootout". This week, he asked[11]= =20 the list to help him with topics he can touch on. Help support our=20 favorite distro!

11. =20 Root mounting twice! =20 One reader this week was having some odd problems with his root partition= =20 -- it was mounting twice! Read up here[12] for a helpful tip on why this=20 was happening, and also a quick lesson on /etc/fstab formatting!

12. =20

5. Bugzilla

=20 Summary ------- =20 * Statistics=20 * Closed Bug Ranking=20 * New Bug Rankings=20 =20 Statistics ---------- =20 The Gentoo community uses Bugzilla ([13]) to record and=20 track bugs, notifications, suggestions and other interactions with the=20 development team. Between 05 March 2004 and 11 March 2004, activity on the= =20 site has resulted in:=20

13. =20 * 553 new bugs during this period=20 * 336 bugs closed or resolved during this period=20 * 10 previously closed bugs were reopened this period=20 =20 Of the 5246 currently open bugs: 137 are labeled 'blocker', 206 are=20 labeled 'critical', and 425 are labeled 'major'.=20 =20 Closed Bug Rankings ------------------- =20 The developers and teams who have closed the most bugs during this period= =20 are:=20 =20 * AMD64 Porting Team[14], with 32 closed bugs[15] =20 * Gentoo KDE Team[16], with 24 closed bugs[17] =20 * Sven Vermeulen[18], with 20 closed bugs[19] =20 * Gentoo Games[20], with 20 closed bugs[21] =20 * Gentoo Linux Gnome Desktop Team[22], with 17 closed bugs[23] =20 14. [] 15.=20 D&ch fieldbug_status&chfieldfrom2004-03-05&chfieldto2004-03-11&resoluti= onFIX [e-mail:ED&] 16. [] 17.=20 D&ch fieldbug_status&chfieldfrom2004-03-05&chfieldto2004-03-11&resoluti= onFIX [e-mail:ED&] 18. [] 19.=20 D&ch fieldbug_status&chfieldfrom2004-03-05&chfieldto2004-03-11&resoluti= onFIX [e-mail:ED&] 20. [] 21.=20 D&ch fieldbug_status&chfieldfrom2004-03-05&chfieldto2004-03-11&resoluti= onFIX [e-mail:ED&] 22. [] 23.=20 D&ch fieldbug_status&chfieldfrom2004-03-05&chfieldto2004-03-11&resoluti= onFIX [e-mail:ED&]

New Bug Rankings ---------------- =20 The developers and teams who have been assigned the most new bugs during=20 this period are:=20 =20 * Core System Packages Team[24], with 16 new bugs[25] =20 * x86 Kernel Team[26], with 13 new bugs[27] =20 * Desktop Misc. Team[28], with 11 new bugs[29] =20 * Media-Video Herd[30], with 10 new bugs[31] =20 * Gentoo KDE team[32], with 9 new bugs[33] =20 * Portage Team[34], with 9 new bugs[35] =20 24. [] 25.=20 ug_s tatusREOPENED&chfieldassigned_to&chfieldfrom2004-03-05&chfieldto= 2004-03 [e-mail:-11&] 26. [] 27.=20 ug_s tatusREOPENED&chfieldassigned_to&chfieldfrom2004-03-05&chfieldto= 2004-03 [e-mail:-11&] 28. [] 29.=20 ug_s tatusREOPENED&chfieldassigned_to&chfieldfrom2004-03-05&chfieldto= 2004-03 [e-mail:-11&] 30. [] 31.=20 ug_s tatusREOPENED&chfieldassigned_to&chfieldfrom2004-03-05&chfieldto= 2004-03 [e-mail:-11&] 32. [] 33.=20 ug_s tatusREOPENED&chfieldassigned_to&chfieldfrom2004-03-05&chfieldto= 2004-03 [e-mail:-11&] 34. [] 35.=20 ug_s tatusREOPENED&chfieldassigned_to&chfieldfrom2004-03-05&chfieldto= 2004-03 [e-mail:-11&] =20

6. Tips and Tricks

=20 Reading binary data with strings =20 This week's tip shows you how to extract ascii content from binary data=20 using strings. This program is useful for determining the contents of=20 non-text files such as core or other binary error files.=20 =20 Use strings filename to print the strings of printable characters in the=20 file. =20 For more information, see man strings. =20 =

7. Moves, Adds, and Changes =

=20 Moves ----- =20 The following developers recently left the Gentoo team:=20 * Brad House (brad_mssw) amd64, kernel=20 =20 Adds ---- =20 The following developers recently joined the Gentoo Linux team: =20 * Stephen P. Becker (geoman) - MIPS=20 * Geoff Cant (archaelus) - dev-lisp=20 * Joel Martin (kanaka) - media-sound=20 * Scott Taylor (swtaylor) - hardened=20 =20 Changes ------- =20 The following developers recently changed roles within the Gentoo Linux=20 project: =20 * none this week=20 =20

8. Contribute to GWN

=20 Interested in contributing to the Gentoo Weekly Newsletter? Send us an=20 email[36].

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9. GWN Feedback

=20 Please send us your feedback[37] and help make the GWN better.

37. [] =20 =

10. GWN Subscription Information =

=20 To subscribe to the Gentoo Weekly Newsletter, send a blank email to=20 []. =20 To unsubscribe to the Gentoo Weekly Newsletter, send a blank email to=20 [] from the email address you are=20 subscribed under. =20

11. Other Languages

=20 The Gentoo Weekly Newsletter is also available in the following languages: =20 * Dutch[38]=20 * English[39]=20 * German[40]=20 * French[41]=20 * Japanese[42]=20 * Italian[43]=20 * Polish[44]=20 * Portuguese (Brazil)[45]=20 * Portuguese (Portugal)[46]=20 * Russian[47]=20 * Spanish[48]=20 * Turkish[49]=20 38. 39. 40. 41. 42. 43. 44. 45. 46. 47. 48. 49. =20 Yuji Carlos Kosugi - Editor AJ Armstrong - Contributor John Davis - Contributor Brian Downey - Contributor Luke Giuliani - Contributor Kurt Lieber - Contributor Rafael Cordones Marcos - Contributor David Narayan - Contributor David Nielsen - Contributor Ulrich Plate - Contributor Sven Vermeulen - Contributor Hendrik Eeckhaut - Dutch Translation Jorn Eilander - Dutch Translation Bernard Kerckenaere - Dutch Translation Peter ter Borg - Dutch Translation Jochen Maes - Dutch Translation Roderick Goessen - Dutch Translation Gerard van den Berg - Dutch Translation Matthieu Montaudouin - French Translation Xavier Neys - French Translation Martin Prieto - French Translation Antoine Raillon - French Translation Sebastien Cevey - French Translation Jean-Christophe Choisy - French Translation Thomas Raschbacher - German Translation Steffen Lassahn - German Translation Matthias F. Brandstetter - German Translation Lukas Domagala - German Translation Tobias Scherbaum - German Translation Daniel Gerholdt - German Translation Marc Herren - German Translation Tobias Matzat - German Translation Marco Mascherpa - Italian Translation Claudio Merloni - Italian Translation Christian Apolloni - Italian Translation Stefano Lucidi - Italian Translation Katuyuki Konno - Japanese Translation Hiroyuki Takeda - Japanese Translation Masato Hatakeyama - Japanese Translation Masayoshi Nakamura - Japanese Translation Yasunori Fukudome - Japanese Translation Tomoyuki Sakurai - Japanese Translation Radoslaw Janeczko - Polish Translation Lukasz Strzygowski - Polish Translation Michal Drobek - Polish Translation Adam Lyjak - Polish Translation Krzysztof Klimonda - Polish Translation Atila "Jedi" Bohlke Vasconcelos - Portuguese=20 (Brazil) Translation Eduardo Belloti - Portuguese (Brazil) Translation Jo=C3=A3o Rafael Moraes Nicola - Portuguese (Brazil)= =20 Translation Marcelo Gon=C3=A7alves de Azambuja - Portuguese= =20 (Brazil) Translation Otavio Rodolfo Piske - Portuguese (Brazil)=20 Translation Pablo N. Hess -- NatuNobilis - Portuguese=20 (Brazil) Translation Pedro de Medeiros - Portuguese (Brazil) Translation Ventura Barbeiro - Portuguese (Brazil)=20 Translation Bruno Ferreira - Portuguese (Portugal)=20 Translation Gustavo Felisberto - Portuguese (Portugal)=20 Translation Jos=C3=A9 Costa - Portuguese (Portugal) Translation Luis Medina - Portuguese (Portugal) Translation Ricardo Loureiro - Portuguese (Portugal) Translation Aleksandr Martyncev - Russian Translator Sergey Galkin - Russian Translator Sergey Kuleshov - Russian Translator Alex Spirin - Russian Translator Denis Zaletov - Russian Translator Lanark - Spanish Translation Fernando J. Pereda - Spanish Translation Lluis Peinado Cifuentes - Spanish Translation Zephryn Xirdal T - Spanish Translation Guillermo Juarez - Spanish Translation Jes=C3=BAs Garc=C3=ADa Crespo - Spanish Translation Carlos Castillo - Spanish Translation Julio Castillo - Spanish Translation Sergio G=C3=B3mez - Spanish Translation Aycan Irican - Turkish Translation Bugra Cakir - Turkish Translation Cagil Seker - Turkish Translation Emre Kazdagli - Turkish Translation Evrim Ulu - Turkish Translation Gursel Kaynak - Turkish Translation

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