Pay Pal is lying on the internet in their agreement. I have a Live Recording!

Posted by usacomputertec on Oct 17, 2007 8:36 PM EDT; By Justin Breithaupt
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Yes that's right I caught PayPal in a direct lie. (Listen Live Here) First of all let me give a brief summary of my agony.

Yes thats right I caught PayPal in a direct lie. (Listen Live Here) First of all let me give a brief summery of my agony.

I have been selling laptops for quite some time now. I got my first PayPal account about 10 years ago under the name . This account no longer exists. Back then they just started seller protection and there were no limitations in the user agreement. I agreed to that agreement. Since then this agreement has been reshaped to say that if you don't meet within a vary narrow set of instructions you are not protected. I also have received e-mails from PayPal stating that I am 100% covered against any fraud through FDIC insurance. The new agreement says that this is pass through insurance. What is that? Doesn't matter because when I called them on the phone and recorded it here they told me I am currently protected 100% against any fraud through FDIC insurance. Then they turned around and told me it would not cover me in my case. What is my case? Well I sold a laptop to a guy and he was in Indonesia. When I checked his address it said it was verified! What a screw up. I don't have proof that I saw that but thats what came up. The money was deposited by PayPal into my checking account and I let it set there for over 3 days. I shipped the laptop and the very next day they told me that the guy stole someone's account in the USA. They then asked me for my tracking number and all the usual information. Then they told me I owed them for the laptop. They are negligent in trying to get my laptop back at all. They made no effort at all. So getting back to the phone call, they told me that they never changed the user agreement for seller protection and then went on to say that they just started it 10 years ago. So they had to have changed it. They even admitted that they did. Can't they get their facts straight? DON'T DO PAYPAL!
If you are still with me here we are not done. A buyer bought another laptop from me right after this took place because it was still listed on eBay. He lives in Auburn WA. I shipped the laptop to his confirmed address and according to eBay's contract he signed (eBay owns PayPal) there is no return or refund unless it's broken, DOA, or not as described. He didn't even open the package. He returned it to sender and guess what? PayPal wants me to pay for all the parts I put in that thing and the laptop even though I can't send them back and get a refund for them without a 15% restocking fee.
Now PayPal won't answer the phone if I call from my phone number any more. Their automated system automatically hangs up on me. I e-mail them but all they say is you don't qualify for seller protection. The BBB has given up on them all together and has collected 5200+ complaints in the last 3 years. I'm going to call the WA State Insurance commissioner and see if he can help me. The problem is that they are training at the moment so you can't call them. Their number is 1-800-551-4636.
PayPalUserAgreement in .pdf format here.

PayPalDocumentation Full Story Complete History Of What PayPal and eBay did to me.

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