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  1. Long, narrow tables vs short, wide ones
  2. The lat/lon floating point delusion
  3. A bulk replacement GUI with YAD
  4. Renumber a list after inserting a line
  5. Finding malformed markup
  6. A muggle's guide to AWK arrays: 2
  7. Return of the mojibake detective
  8. Leading and trailing whitespace
  9. Plotting data in the terminal with gnuplot
  10. Working around the BASH brace expansion rule
  11. A muggle's guide to AWK arrays: 1
  12. Growing the Cookbook's
  13. Transpose, pivot and bin with GNU Datamash 1.4
  14. The magic of BASH string expansion
  15. How to delete, insert and replace whole lines
  16. How to delete, insert and replace whole fields
  17. Two ugly CSVs
  18. Spreadsheet annoyance no. 2
  19. Making pictures with data
  20. Quotes as characters
  21. Dog and cat data
  22. How to choose special characters, revisited
  23. The trouble with Windows CRLF
  24. Data with bulges
  25. Two special data validations
  26. Data from dingbats: copying down
  27. Fancy numbering of records
  28. Getting data out of Excel safely
  29. Comparing fields across two tables
  30. Reformatting a list, cleverly
  31. Parsing scientific names
  32. Horizontal sorting within a field
  33. Drugs on the command line
  34. Changing the month format: a fairly general solution
  35. Has the rainfall pattern in my hometown changed?
  36. How many fruits in 5 apples, 3 oranges, 1 pear and 17 lemons?
  37. Putting information into a table from the table's filename
  38. Finding changepoints in a list, revisited
  39. Unwrap your fasta
  40. Avoiding senior moments with command-line functions
  41. How to find distances between lat/lons for geochecking
  42. Mapping with gnuplot
  43. Repair job: separate the tandem repeats
  44. Bird watching with AWK and grep
  45. How to enter nothing in a database
  46. How to validate ISO 8601 dates without regex
  47. Fightin' fields
  48. Fuzzy matching in practice
  49. Data on clay
  50. iconv and illegal input sequences
  51. Displaying data from table fragments
  52. A record pager built with YAD
  53. 48 sea levels and a trope for your terminal
  54. Mojibake detective work
  55. BASHing data
  56. GUI ways to view and edit big text files
  57. Question marks that aren't really question marks
  58. Curse of the CSV monster
  59. Truncated data items
  60. Combo characters
  61. Pivoting airlines