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Feb 07, 2005
5:43 AM EDT
Isn't this site another SSC site?

Feb 07, 2005
6:19 AM EDT
Well, I'm not tuxchick, but I can answer your question. The answer is yes.


Feb 07, 2005
7:17 AM EDT
So? Forgive me my stupidity but what did I miss about these SSC websites?

Strange: linux-gazette.com != linuxgazette.net, is this a SSC marketing trick or what?

Feb 07, 2005
8:39 AM EDT

See this thread: http://lxer.com/module/forums/t/12962/


I thought so :)

Feb 07, 2005
9:27 AM EDT
For whatever my esteemed opinion is worth, I still subscribe to Linux Journal and own a couple of SSC-published books. And I will recommend Tux magazine to Linux newbies, so far it looks good. I don't see any point in launching a pogrom on SSC because of their crappy behavior over Linux Gazette. In some ways the F/OSS world is its own worst enemy- some elements of it are harsh and unforgiving. Make one mistake and you are branded as evil for life plus 100 years. SSC acted like asses over Linux Gazette. That doesn't negate all the good things they have done, and I'm not going to deprive myself of good resources like Tux magazine and Linux Journal, that seems a bit cutting-off-nose-ish.

Somewheres even Rick Moen counseled patience and forgiveness, which I think is good advice.

But I'll still mock the SSC Linux Gazette when the mood strikes. ;)

Feb 07, 2005
11:41 AM EDT
Tuxchick, You mean like Sun?

Ye Sun has donated more lines of code, than any single contributor. But lInes of code doesn't honor make. IBM pledges smaller numbers to everybody. Sun makes sure things only work under their license. That the rest of the community isn't worth it to them.

As for Tuxmagazine Marcel Is I believe one of the editors. Marcel from the linux mag. The guy who compares french wine, to Linux.

Feb 07, 2005
12:55 PM EDT
Peragrin, I don't see what Sun or IBM have to do with this. Phil Hughes is one of the giants of F/OSS. He founded Linux Magazine and SSC back in the very early days of Linux, and should be recognized along with Patrick Volkerding, Red Hat, Ian & Deb Murdock, and other early boosters and supporters of Linux. Those are some of the folks who were instrumental in generating support and adoption of Linux. Phil personally subsidized LJ for quite a few years, and even today it is not a big money-maker.

I don't believe it is realistic to require everyone to meet a standard of ideological purity, or to be perfect all the time, or to run their lives and businesses to suit me. I think SSC sux for what they did with Linux Gazette, but I'm not going to punish them with whatever feeble means I have at my disposal. I simply won't support the SSC Linux Gazette. And it's not my battle. The folks at the Real Linux Gazette have made their peace and moved on. So I'm going to continue supporting SSC publications, while ignoring the tiny wart that is linuxgazette.com. And I hope Dave will link to newsworthy and useful Tux Magazine articles.


Feb 07, 2005
4:10 PM EDT
Tuxchick, Tuxchick, Tuxchick --

All I can say is -- You Rock.

I'm not sure what that means coming from somebody my age, but I think it's a whole lot better than "Really Neat-O."

You are exactly right, and then some. Not only does rigid ideological purity have little place in this whole mess, it often seems that no two people define it the same way.

Besides -- this tendency to personify business organizations is beyond silly. They don't tend to do things for reasons of good or evil. They tend to follow business plans in pursuit of profits.

Today's "friend" could be tomorrow's "enemy" and vice-versa.

Feb 07, 2005
6:39 PM EDT
Speaking of which, does anyone remember the really EVIL IBM of the early 90s?

Vividly I do.

Feb 07, 2005
9:03 PM EDT
Mr Cyde, I remember IT bidding wars on large contracts in (I think) the sixties which got so intense and winner-take-all that the sales force leaders of the major participants were at serious risk of being assassinated. IBM in the '90s got a little severe, not not that bad. Still, when you get a bit carried away with zero-sum games and mapping competitive evolutionary schemas onto real life, strange things can happen.

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