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Jun 13, 2005
11:44 AM EDT
In my household, I am running 'Warty' on 3 of 5 computers for my family. The other 2 run Libranet 2.8.1 which is Debian based also. I really like Ubuntu because its clean and organized let alone being a Debian based version. My family likes it much better than LB because its not as cluttered and the best thing about it is that if I want the full package base of Debian. I just make the adjustment in the source.list or synaptic repositories reload and bingo I got all the Deb's available from its archives.

I have recommended this distro to a few neighbors and working friends. I have given out many live-CD's of Ubuntu too. This really is a nice distro for those who want to use linux for everyday tasks.

I have just upgraded to 'Hoary' and had a couple of problems initially. But it ended up being a BIOS change that I had to do to fix my problem. Other than that it works great.

Definiately a good article and its a great distro for those interested in moving to Linux.

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