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Jun 13, 2005
5:13 PM EDT
I asked for comments from my mailing list and got one I want to share.

I really appreciate feedback like this as it helps me when I write additional articles.


- While Mark is the guiding force, I think you should mention that he hired an /awesome/ core group of Debian and GNOME developers to form the distribution team.

- I didn't see you mention Universe prominently. You should perhaps mention that when enabled, it brings the total package count to over 16,000 packages. That's awesome!

- If you have a laptop handy then you should point out some of the features that work out of the box with Ubuntu. For example CPU scaling, power management, wifi, etc. will all work with no user configuration needed. Of course, this depends on driver support.

- Community Stuff. One of the reasons I dig ubuntu is the community. Members are expected to follow the Code of Conduct, which is great because people don't want to get yelled at, they want to get involved.

Also, there is an ever growing group of Ubuntu LoCo teams that you might want to mention:

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