Semantic Patents fatal flaw is overlap, inconsistency.

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Jun 22, 2005
3:33 PM EDT
Patents are rewards for advancing Human knowledge in the Natural realm, not within the human context. Advances within the Human realm are rewarded by copyrights. Patents within the human context, Semantic Patents, have a fatal flaw that is clearly shown in Richard Stallman's article: Semantic Patents are inconsistent. The entire corpus of Patents must remain consistent unless one wants to abandon a central tenet of Scientific knowledge. The critical fitness test should be the delivery of physical models demonstrating the Patent application, allowing computers as support devices only. Copyright on the other hand is not burdened with the requirement for consistency, only punishingly long terms.

Patent applications should face the requirement to put up, or shut up. Enabling Semantic Patents is to invite chaos not only into the commercial world, but into Science, and into your life. Ask yourself, did you have a good day yesterday, or was it what you did that had the good day. Semantic Patents are but a step on the road to serfdom.

Have no doubt, Semantic Patents are a curse.

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