Whats the advantage with ubuntu´s Live-CD vs Knoppix ?

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Aug 17, 2005
4:44 PM EDT
Hello everybody I am an Computer Science College student at Colombia. Im quite surprised by the capabilities of the Knoppix characteristics, converting in a pretty good looking option when a hard disk fails, or when there isnt. I have a copy of both the installation and live and installation CD of Ubuntu 5.04, can you explain me what can i find new with Ubuntu´s live CD. Thanks. You can write me to dabenavidesd@unal.edu.co.

Aug 17, 2005
5:44 PM EDT
Obviously you are new to Linux. It is a good thing you are not locked in the Windows world. For CS student, learning Linux is a must otherwise you will graduate as a half baked IT professional. Now for your question.

1) Knoppix is KDE based and Ubuntu is GNOME based. Kubuntu is another distro of Ubuntu but KDE based, There is also Gnoppix which Knoppix based on GNOME.

2) Knoppix the father of all LiveCD based distros, Ubuntu is LiveCD is one of them. All are based on Debian distro.

3) Knoppix is complete sophisticated distro. It has everything and anything. Ubuntu is new and I consider it to be still in development. Ubuntu is backed with good resource and has great potential

4) Ubuntu is very user friendly and easy to install to hard drive but you can't install from LiveCD. Knoppix is built to run from CD and not really meant to install on hard drive although you can from the LiveCD.

5) Knoppix has many tools and applications which you wont find on Ubuntu CD.

... There are many other differences but let me give you one advice. The beauty of Linux, especially for CS student, is to explore it yourself and learn it by experience. Linux is Linux no matter what distro you use, the difference is cosmetic and on the outside. The only way you will appreciate Linux is when you take your time and explore all the subtle and sophisticated features it offers.

I assure you that most of the Linux users started with Linux just like you. Didn't know much about it and they learned to appreciate it by exploring it themselves. You will find lots of help on the Internet but if you expect to be fed with a silver spoon, you will be disappointed. You have to kick the tires and get your feet wet. Get yourself a computer, if you don't have one, and get busy. No body will tell you the differences between Ubuntu and Knoppix better that experiencing them yourself.

So get busy and have fun. It is F/free.

Aug 18, 2005
7:29 AM EDT

All LiveCD's are not Debian based as #2 infers after reading it. Surely Abe meant that all knoppix offshoots are Debian based.

If you're looking for something that really shows off the Linux Desktop, I suggest SimplyMEPIS or PCLinuxOS.

Both are liveCD's and can be used on just about any PC. I find the hardware detection and all around appearance better with these two distros than that of any other distros.

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