Looks like Massachusetts Bowing to Microsoft

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Dec 15, 2005
8:44 AM EDT
If I'm reading this right, the title should be reverse.

Even if Microsoft XML would be compatible with the document format, ODF has other features that Microsoft can't or won't match. What about the XML:RDF bridge?

Can you take advantage of technically challenged newspaper writers? Only if you're Microsoft.

Dec 15, 2005
9:51 AM EDT
Again, MS PR is trying to blur the issues.

[Yates called Open XML ''utterly, completely, and perpetually open," and said Microsoft would charge no royalties or licensing fees for its use. ''You won't ever be sued for using this technology," Yates said. ''You can use this technology with no concern."]

Yes we can read the data, but, can we use the schema? If so, what else we would need and have to use that is not "Open" and consumers have to pay for to be successful in converting to other formats when the need arises? MS is not saying.

Sutor is right, MS Open XML is nothing but a pie in the sky for open standards.

[Peter Quinn, who's leading the drive for the new data standard, said the Microsoft proposal will probably meet the state's demands.]

Is Quinn buckling under political pressure? It sure looks like he is. We shall see. It would be very unfortunate. MA citizens would be the losers and ODF will survive to fight another battle in another place.


Dec 15, 2005
10:17 AM EDT
I just dealt with this in an article:

"This Court cannot ignore the obvious. Here is the dominant firm in the software industry admitting it `preannounces' products to freeze the current software market and thereby defeat the marketing plans of competitors that have products ready for market. Microsoft admits that the preannouncement is solely for the purpose of having an adverse impact on a competitor's product. Its counsel states it has advised its client that the practice is perfectly legal and it may continue the practice. This practice of an alleged monopolist would seem to contribute to the acquisition, maintenance, or exercise of market share. . . . "

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