Dim dumb_user as windows

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Dec 26, 2005
12:22 PM EDT
I think dumb user prefer windows. I switched to linux just to keep myself sane( reboot, reinstall, reboot ). Sooner or later people gonna make choices and look for alternative, and Linux's time will come.

Dec 26, 2005
1:49 PM EDT
I just had a discussion about that with a book publisher. Unsatisfied needs motivate behavior. And power users will feel a need to grow and learn more. In a sense, it's like needing to take the mystery out of certain subjects like domain names services, or how to re-reoute mail or set up and use a database. Some will want to set up secure zones in their homes or perhaps manage a development project etc.

Whatever the next step for expression in technology may be for someone, they need an OS like Linux to take the next step. Being a better spreadsheet developer may be fine for someone in accounting or management too. But even that gets old.

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