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Jan 19, 2006
3:21 AM EDT
The only reason Microsoft is spending so much on R&D is because they are basically trying to copy, and take over the exact business areas you currently are in.

They want to take over everything, Games (XBox/playstation), Office (Word/Word Perfect), Internet (explorer/netscape) , (MSN/Google) etc..

They have the finances, Government support and use of the legal system to out last every company.

There is nothing you guys are working on that is safe and the more you keep supporting Microsoft XP, Vista etc instead of moving into say Linux, the more you finance their R&D. You are all going to be picked off one by one..

Novell saw the writing on the wall and have made the only long term viable option of moving to linux and creating business based on support, not just on selling software, because guaranteed Microsoft can "sell" software better than you...

Jan 19, 2006
6:47 AM EDT
Quoting: ... the more you keep supporting Microsoft XP, Vista etc instead of moving into say Linux ...
Correction: depends upon which "Vista" you are referring to, i.e. the pre-existing medical records program just look at these links. - begin at 4.3. [Note paid for by the federal government ...] and (where every link to Vista is now dead, though it began it the '80s - MS foresight?). Here is a VA company, whose site has not disappeared that talks about Vista (financed by the V.A.).

Yes this seems to support your contention, even the name is being gained by theft. In this case, we need to support the real Vista not the phony.

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