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Mar 30, 2006
10:37 AM EDT
I LOVE the idea of M$ finally falling before superior FOSS solutions. Desktop Linux may still have a good deal to improve on, but the back end is all there and in great shape. Can anyone comment on the viability of the patent case against linux? I cant imagine a federal judge ruling against linux on the grounds of "double click" implementation...

Mar 30, 2006
1:37 PM EDT
The real issue is legal costs. Microsoft has money to litigate and Linux doesn't have the staying power. It's not really a question of legality but of the full court press MS could run.

Mar 30, 2006
5:36 PM EDT
Wouldn't it be placed upon the community to let the entire thing be seen by the court of public opinion? Therein stands our only chance. The bully being caught beating up the little kid. Even MS couldn't withstand that...not for long.

Mar 30, 2006
6:24 PM EDT
I've spoken to an investigator in the AG's office in Austin. Basically, they don't have any money. The states join in when the Feds finally indict. So, they only get involved if the Feds do.

The Feds are probably not going after Microsoft. The could have done it already because MS was not in compliance with the existing settlement agreement.

No court of public opinion exists. Sorry, but to assert that MS is going down in one of those things someone would say is "in your dreams".

Mar 31, 2006
5:16 AM EDT
Tom: I think you are right about "in your dreams" with respect to the US in the short term at least. In the EU, on the other hand, they are skirting pretty close to the edge at present.

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