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Apr 18, 2006
11:41 AM EDT
As far as I can tell, Thanatermesis has NOTHING to worry about. What I see here is better than a good share of American-born Linux geeks. After working with quite of number of foreign-born techs, a couple brilliant and one a linguist, this sounds like pure Kings English by comparison.

One Chinese-Malaysian co-worker once tried to apologize for his 'poor English' to which I responded "YOU speak TWO langauges, I only speak ONE. You have NOTHING to apologize FOR!" Turned out he knows FOUR...

No wonder "The Ugly American" was written...

Apr 18, 2006
12:30 PM EDT
A small nit.... the Ugly American was the good guy. An individual who pitched in and actually helped, contrasted with large glitzy official goverment programs and personnel that did no good at all. Otherwise, your points are right on.

Apr 18, 2006
4:47 PM EDT
My apologies for this. I edited Thanatermesis' responses fairly heavily, and thought I had deleted the text pertaining to his "poor" English. That said, I doubt my Spanish could match his English. So I hope he'll be as kind if I ever get interviewed in Spanish. :-)

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