Everyone, let's buy GNU/Linux Computers!

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Aug 18, 2006
10:39 PM EDT
This was quite a long article and I was unsure where it was going for a good part of it.

Now that I finished reading I can only agree with the conclusion, wholeheartedly. No matter if you prefer building your computers yourself or buying a PC without an OS, there is a big reason why it may be important to go and buy a PC with preinstalled GNU/Linux instead. It comes down to the old principle of "voting with your wallet".

More of us actually buy computers with GNU/Linux the more attractive will it be for larger computer vendors to sell it, not only to us who are already "nuxified", but increasingly to those who are currently buying Windows PCs by default.

AY Siu has a major point here. Most of us knew that this is where one of the biggest catches for GNU/Linux and Free Software domination on the desktop lies, but this article makes me want to emphasize this even more. Making computer vendors *want* to put GNU/Linux on as many of computers they sell are doors to GNU/Linux to the desktop.

I'm convinced now. Next computer I buy will not be a white box and sure as hell wont be a Windows PC. It will be a PC with GNU/Linux preinstalled (and yes, infact, in Croatia we have this option). I will proudly come to the store and say: "I want a computer with GNU/Linux".

Forget building your own box. There's something more important at stake. :)

Cheers Daniel

Aug 19, 2006
6:22 AM EDT
I purchased my most recent computers from pogo Linux, and a cheap linux box from Walmart. I wiped Linspire off the wallmart one and installed Mepis, but I wanted a sale for Linux to get counted.

I have added to the statistics of computers sold with Linux on them.

I have also loaded Linux on dozens of computers (outside of the workplace) over the last two years, and many more in the years before that. The big difference is that in the last two or so years, ordinary people have been asking for Linux. Not just the technical people.

Aug 19, 2006
7:08 PM EDT
That's great to hear. :)

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