Your review led me to Ubuntu CE... but

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Jan 19, 2007
10:28 AM EDT
Hey I really enjoyed reading your review, and I hope to interact with it further. However, I had a terrible time installing Ubuntu CE... and I guess since there's not much mention of installation problems on your site, I guess the problem is at my end. Still, I want to say I liked your review... and here, if you're interested... is my take on the installation of Ubuntu CE (6.10).

Jan 19, 2007
11:43 AM EDT
If you hit the 'Post story' link the deities of LXer just might post your story.

Jan 19, 2007
1:33 PM EDT
here is some 'easy' way for winblow$ users to get ubuntu installed :

[url= Windows Installer 3][/url]


Jan 19, 2007
3:52 PM EDT
And here I saw that CE and thought it was Ubuntu had done something with PDA's.

Jan 19, 2007
4:01 PM EDT
> was Ubuntu had done something with PDA's.

You mean it isn't!

Jan 19, 2007
4:38 PM EDT
You might try out Ichthux, which is the Kubuntu-based distro with similar purposes. If it's still a bad experience, your underlying problem might just be with Ubuntu itself, not the added software for Christians.

Jan 21, 2007
1:29 AM EDT
I wonder if they'll do one for Muslims or Hindus.

Jan 21, 2007
5:07 AM EDT
Yeah, that's an old question. It's GNU/Linux. Anyone who wants it the way they want it can set it up that way. ;-) These are designed to make it easier for believers and ministries to deploy GNU/Linux, providing all the necessary tools up front. That's all.

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