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Jan 31, 2007
6:45 AM EDT
Look these idiots at Microsoft don't realize they are ticking people off. They are a bunch of computer people who deal with computers day in and day out. Since they don’t deal with real people on a day-to-day basis where it comes to interfacing with average human beings they are just plain stupid. Now...Here is the only way we can beat them. They don’t understand that piracy is going to be around forever but rather than loose 10 or 15 % maybe a little more to piracy they are willing to tick off most of their customer base to the point they switch to something else like Linux and they hopefully loose 70 or 80% of their business because of their arrogant stupidity.

Its time people, Linux applications are now up to par with windows, you have Suse which is free and easy to load, Gentoo, Ubuntu, Mandrake all free and easy to use, all have word processors, spread sheets, games etc. For servers you can use the above products which have those capabilities built into them or you can go dedicated to programs like the home version of ClarkConnect which again is free and will give you a really good firewall, mail server, file server, anti virus, spam filtering, backup capabilities, web server and more...lots more. It’s free also; you also have programs like Freenaz for dedicated file server and other. ALL of the Linux programs are basically free to home users. Business may have to pay a little for enterprise stuff but its still a whole lot less than going with Microsoft. I seen a comparison the other day comparing a 100-employee company to setup 100 workstations with identical networks with Microsoft at $21000.00 and Linux was around $1000.00. I highly recommend you pick a suse 10, google it, download it, use it. Get Linux books and Learn Linux. Business, take a look at your savings, go Linux. If we start doing this across the board we can turn Microsoft into just another cheap gaming company. The way they are heading, those of you who don’t will be stuck having to pay for every little thing you want to do piece by piece, part by part. The next version of Vista allegedly will going to require you to pay for each and everything you want to do...add memory, it wont work unless you pay for use to add it to the software; want to ad any feature, you pay for it. Right now if you upgrade your XP to windows Vista, you XP key is no longer valid, you cant use your XP program unless you have a way to bypass authentication. If we all get together and do this we can get Microsoft's attention and MAKE them play fair with the end user or put them out of business. You say they are to big to put out of business, switch to Linux or other operating system that doesn't feed money to them and see how fast they crumble. DO IT...DO IT NOW!

Jan 31, 2007
7:35 AM EDT
Quoting:I highly recommend you pick a suse 10, google it, download it, use it.
I would rather recommend PCLinuxOS, Kubuntu, Mepis, or anything else. For a desktop and may be server, they are as good as if not better in some areas than Suse. Suse WAS my distro of choice for a while, but since the other distros offer the same as Suse, and in some areas much better, and considering the agreement of Novell with MS, I have a problem with recommending Suse any more. Then again, FOSS is about choice and preference, and I do recommend to kick the tires first and select what suits you best.

Jan 31, 2007
7:46 AM EDT
Live CDs make picking a first Distro pretty easy. Try a few before you install.

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