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Mar 12, 2008
3:01 AM EDT
Quoting:Here are 10 that you will have never heard of or used.

That's rather blunt statement ;)


01. pgrep: I use it all the time; 02. pstree: neat, but I don't need it that much; 03. bc: I prefer dc ;) 04. split: how could anyone not know this one?... 05. nl: that's the 0.5 from the title ;) I should use it more often; 06. mkfifo: I tried to use it to generate sigs for Thunderbird years ago, but it didn't work that well; 07. ldd: very handy indeed; 08. col: at last something I didn't know ;) 09. xmlwf: I didn't know this too, but it looks like a command from specific XML-procesing suite, not really standard... 10. lsof: remember to set -n option if you have a laggy DNS :)

Mar 12, 2008
5:35 AM EDT
I use split alot, especially playing with Sabayon. There is a nice trick when they cut an updated DVD .iso, say from 3.4a to 3.4e. download the change files (xdelta) split the iso and apply the xdelta files to the parts then cat the files back together to form a new DVD iso.

So instead of downloading another 4 gig file, you only pull in ~300 meg, and then in the end you have a brand new and updated .iso to use. Very handy.

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