If M$ thinks they FUD/scare Intel... Whoa boy!!!

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Jun 04, 2010
8:43 AM EDT
If M$ thinks they FUD/scare Intel... Whoa boy!!! Are they in for a rude awakening?!?!? You betcha...

Between Nokia and Intel (and apparently SuSE is going to be releasing a version of Meego, leading to Novell backing, possibly IBM, Cisco or whomever decides to buy-out Intel in a take-over), M$ will get their proverbial arse handed to them. Intel's love-hate relationship with M$ has lately turned more hate, and if Maemo is any indication of how well Meego will function and look, believe me that M$ has a lot of work to do in the mobile devices department. FUD and scare tactics better be backed up with a patent portfolio of nuclear proportions. Somehow I think M$ will come up short in that department. The only contender they have really had is the FAT32 Writing patent, and that's been invalidated once before the USPTO...

On one side you'll have IBM, Cisco, Novell, Intel, Nokia, HP/Palm, Google, and about a gagillion open source developers who love to research patents to find prior art,... and on the other side you'll have M$, Apple, and the MPAA & RIAA. And depending on the results of In Re Bilski, software patents might be on thin ice (especially audio/video codecs which are nothing more than mathematical algorythms, and per prior law not patentable).

I am hoping we see a situation like the Cold War's MAD (Mutually Assured Destruction) philosophy taking hold, rather than an all-out patent Armagedon. A way for them to all say to each other, "C'mon, Everyone, put their nasty toys away..."

Jun 04, 2010
10:45 AM EDT
Jasep the analogy falls apart, there actually are software patents in court , and have been on a fairly continuous basis. Far as I know only 2 nukes have ever been put on demonstration for 'close public inspection'.

Jun 04, 2010
6:09 PM EDT
@JaseP: MAD doesn't work with patents. MAD means that all development grinds to a halt, except by the big two factions that participate in the MAD. Microsoft would love to see a patent MAD because it instantly kills open source development.

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