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Story: Starting applications with the 'type to search' box in GNOME 3Total Replies: 1
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Jul 05, 2012
6:04 AM EDT
Personally I find that means of launching an application horribly inefficient, and except when I can't think of the name of an application launcher, and hope the search will locate it for me, I never us it on my KDE system (Right mouse click -> Run Command or CTRL + F). If I know what the menu entry name is I find it much faster just to locate it in the menu, or from my fast start bar.

Jul 05, 2012
9:45 AM EDT
I just think all these "new" UI developments are just going back to the old retro command line days,... Pretty soon, these developers will come up with the "new" and "novel" approach of having a system-wide menu from which to select your applications where each app will have its own menu system in the running, and size adjustable window... [does face-palm]...

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